Coffee Table Base Tutorial

Coffee Table Base Change

For more background on this table, check out part 1 here.  This table is so cool and I feel like you need to know how cool it is too. So definitely read our first post for all the history:) Our ultimate goal was to totally change the coffee table base and make it even more unique since it came off of a cargo ship! See, cool…right?
For a refresher, here is the before and after!

Pallet Wall Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how to build a pallet wall?

First off, back in the day we didn’t know we were starting a business or a blog so pardon the lack of detailed pictures.

When we first moved in we painted the whole house. The master bedroom was an after thought and the goal was to just get rid of the purple. We did an accent wall in some kind of awful blue.


Note: The extent of decorations in our…

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Tutorial: Painting Furniture

I have had A LOT of people ask so here it is! A painting furniture tutorial!!

Disclaimer: Steps for painting and staining our different. This is for painting only! Also, I am not an expert…this is just my experience.

Can anyone paint furniture? YES! Absolutely. Is it always easy and cost effective? Ehhh….If you want to do just a piece or two…it won’t be cheap to buy everything. And there is work involved to make it last. But if you are willing and have the time & money it is worth it!

First, What…

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