Your Local St. Louis Stitch Fix!

St. Louis Stitch Fix type Styling Service Mix and Match

Stitch Fix is one of my favorite services, like I seriously love stitch fix. I recently used something so great for us local St. Louis people! It is called Mix & Match!

So here is the gist- these two wonderful ladies, Maggie & Erin, come to your house. You can have a party, where everyone has their own private shopping show and trying on clothes! You get discounts as the host and all that fun stuff OR you can do what I did!

A private styling session – better…

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Have you Thought of Starting Stitch Fix?

For months….literally months I have stood by watching friends and family register for¬†Stitch Fix, pick out all of their favorite styles, and post their videos of them opening their first box. Finally, I decided to give it a try. For you busy moms, small business owners, or people that just love clothes this is for you….so basically everyone. For me you guys, this service is amazing so I wanted to scream about it from the mountain tops!
So, what is stitch fix? You have a personal stylist that picks 5 items out and mails them to…

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