Dated to Delightful!

Oh my goodness. This project has been a labor of love. I love doing sets and this was a massive one. This project consisted of 6 chairs, a huge table with 2 leaves, a china cabinet, and a buffet. All the pieces were gorgeous and well loved when they came to us.
Here are the before pictures…
We started with the chairs…well my hubby did. Some of them came apart into 17 pieces! 17!

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

We have a couple of great waterfall pieces right now, one being a waterfall dresser. The other one is an end of a vanity or desk that my in-laws gave us. (awesome, right??) Because it was just the one piece we fixed it up and repaired everything we could on it. It had adorable hardware which we kept and painted and then went away on sanding and painting.

DSCF4452 DSCF4482

We did this piece to match a DOUBLE…

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Buffet: Don’t Break A Leg!

One of the reasons we started our business was because a very sweet friend of mine is always so encouraging. Sean and Susie are seriously the best! They have a buffet that used to be her Mom’s (this is me hoping her mom LOVES it and isn’t too sad that we changed it).  This buffet had suffered a broken leg…so obviously Brandt had to come along to save the day. Plus, he and Sean had man things to do like use chain saws and help the ladies with a few tough screws.  This buffet had a shocking…

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