Price is Right….WHAT?

You may have heard I was on Price Is Right?
I did not make it on stage but that was not where the victory was my friends. Let me tell you a little story.
(Get ready for a story out of left field)
One day when we were visiting my Grandpa in Canada, my uncle took us to a secret spot to go fishing. I LOVE fishing and my uncle is an excellent fisherman. So my brother and I got up at 4am to go to this fishing hole. You couldn’t get to it…

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I Am Brave And Beautiful?

If you are active in the blogosphere you know that September 29th was the launch of the #iambraveandbeautiful movement.
It was inspired by Colbie Caillat’s, Try. This is a song and video I happened to love. It was powerful. Over 100 bloggers came together to show themselves with and without makeup this week in honor of that song.  I fully support the movement but I can’t help but have a bitter taste in my mouth about it.  Don’t get me wrong…the blog pieces that each woman wrote were raw and brave. I would never take that away. But…

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Mid Life Crisis Alert – Part 1

Pouring my heart and soul out like never before….please be gentle….

I am having a full blown mid life crisis. This is extra sad because that means I am only living till 60!!! Let me give you some background…

When I was a little girl (yes, I am going that far back) I was tucked in every night with the most ridiculous math problems. My dad would have me count and multiply. I remember being in kindergarten and him asking me to count backwards from 100 by 9’s. Clearly, this scarred me because I still…

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Mid Life Crisis- Part 2

Continued from Mid Life Crisis – Part 1

When I was talking to my Dad about my mid life crisis in early 2014, he said something that really sent me into a spiral (and he will learn this by reading it like all of you). We were in the car and I was telling him how I hate my job and that I will probably never be happy at any job and my very responsible father, who would never in a million years advise me to quit my job and didn’t know that was exactly what he…

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47 Things You Don’t Know About Me Because I Can’t Think Of 50

Not gonna lie…I totally stole this idea from How to Nest For Less. She wrote a quirky piece called “50 things you don’t know about me”….and I put a little spin on it and made my own.

By spin…I mean…”47 things you don’t know about me because I cant think of 50”.

  1. My name is Nicole and my husbands is Brandt….We are all facebook friends but every now and then someone asks my name! I forget that it’s not shared often.
  2. Did you know I am an engineer?? I have a B.S. in…

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