Bold Kitchens for 2016

kitchen transformation

2016 is off to the races and we have clients going bold! Bold kitchens are making a comeback. Some of you may remember that I created a winning color for the 2015 General Finishes paint contest, called Galapagos Blue. Why Galapagos Blue? Because its teal and Galapagos is super fun to say. That’s why 🙂
Anyway, I thought I would share where some of our clients heads are at. Classic kitchens are always fun but so are pops of color and I love being brave! I love it even more when clients want their kitchens to be a…

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Kitchen Cabinet Pro Mistakes

I get questions from my out of staters all the time regarding hiring their kitchen out. Here are some tidbits you may find helpful. This is not a how-to but kind of an insiders scoop on some things to pay attention to.
I have painted a lot of kitchens. A lot. I have painted a lot of furniture too. I have painted enough of both to know there is a HUGE difference. The first time I painted a kitchen (my own) I sat at Quizzno’s telling one of my best friends…

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Quick Tips #1 – 6 Panel Doors

I am going to start doing a ‘Painting Tips’ Series. It will be fun to see how many we get.
I was painting some 6 panel doors the other day for an awesome client and thought that you all might find my weird tricks helpful.
After your prep work… lay your door flat. You can also do this in place as well.
Now, for most doors the following will work but you will want to look at your grain and sections to make sure that…

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Galapagos Blue

I invented a color! How fun! Our friends wanted to replicate a look on a couple buffets they saw so we got busy!
We mixed Corinth Blue and Sunglow yellow to get this rich turquoise color that we called Galapagos Blue! I have always loved the word ‘Galapagos’. Anyway……
Anyone and everyone that saw this piece in work fell in love.
This buffet has been flying around the web and everyone wants to know what we did!
So first things, first.
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Kitchen Cabinets- Tips and lessons Learned (Part 3)

This is part 3 from our kitchen renovation series.
See part 1 and part 2 for all the details!
So, after 5 weeks of painting my own cabinets and after 3 years of painting furniture professionally and after opening our business to kitchen cabinets late last year after extensive research….I should have learned a few tricks, right?
Yes, of course! I am always surprised at how every kitchen has a little something new. We are…

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Mellow Yellow Dresser

I bought this dresser sign unseen.
I was pretty sad to find out it had been previously been painted. Not just painted though….painted with something I am sure would be illegal now considering my 40 grit sandpaper did nothing to it. We tend to “over prep” so to get this to something satisfactory took HOURS.
The legs came off and were repaired and reattached properly. Once that was done, we got set painting and I selected Sommerset Gold from General Finishes. I think this is the perfect yellow. We typically…

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How to paint Laminate Furniture!

You may remember our giveaway from the very beginning of the year. We combined a dresser with a Newborn photo session from Michelle Lunn Photography. 
If you are refinishing a laminate piece of furniture this post will help you tremendously. How do you know if you are dealing with laminate?
Laminate usually has a gloss. If it is yellow french provincial than there is likely laminate SOMEWHERE ON IT. Usually the top. Sometimes laminate looks like wood veneer. To know the difference…take a power sander and…

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Cane Chair In Need Of Love

We found THESE (cane chair) at an estate sale. I won’t lie. I saw them and ignored them. They weren’t salvageable. Then my husband saw them and if he could see potential then obviously I needed to step up to the challenge.


I did A LOT of research and then we tackled them.  After building a seat where the cane use to be I happened to have (seriously) this polka dot fabric and the exact color paint of the polka dot. So the design was obvious….

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