House Hunting Tips… Moving Is Hard!

Some of you may know we have started house hunting!  I thought I would share some house hunting tips with you that I have learned throughout the house hunting process.
Well, we found a house and as it turns out…being a small business owner and self employed is not looked kindly upon by the banks despite us both having an 800 credit score. Sigh. So financing has had to be a little creative…even with 20% down. It actually has been super frustrating because I feel like life is made harder for the small business owner at…

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Big News!

We have been teasing some big news for a while now and we are happy to announce we will be moving into the same building with Reclaim Renew beginning in 2014! What does this mean?! Check out the questions and answers below. Feel free to ask any other questions. rrrf

When and where is this happening? Beginning January 1, 2014 we will be moving in! The location is a 4000 sq foot warehouse in Kirkwood, MO where we will do the large majority of our work from….

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