How to Quit the Corporate World

This post was born out of my 1 year update from leaving the corporate world behind. That’s right, I quit the corporate world! With my FULL BLOWN Mid Life Crisis a year behind me I feel like I may be able to offer useful advice. I went from being a Systems Engineer to being a designer, painter, DIY educator among 50 other things.  I encourage you to read the back story and the 1 year update to truly get to where I am today and understand the advice.
I am…

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Giving Yourself Permission to Quit Corporate World… 1 Year Later

A year ago, I quit my job… quit corporate business. I wrote a blog post about my mid life crisis (I quit corporate business) and moved on and never looked back. It was a long time coming. You can read about it here.
Quitting my job was the scariest thing I have ever done. Ever. Hands down. I am ridiculously responsible and it didn’t make any sense. But, I knew one thing and my husband definitely knew one thing and that was I. WAS. MISERABLE. In one of…

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Mid Life Crisis Alert – Part 1

Pouring my heart and soul out like never before….please be gentle….

I am having a full blown mid life crisis. This is extra sad because that means I am only living till 60!!! Let me give you some background…

When I was a little girl (yes, I am going that far back) I was tucked in every night with the most ridiculous math problems. My dad would have me count and multiply. I remember being in kindergarten and him asking me to count backwards from 100 by 9’s. Clearly, this scarred me because I still…

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Mid Life Crisis- Part 2

Continued from Mid Life Crisis – Part 1

When I was talking to my Dad about my mid life crisis in early 2014, he said something that really sent me into a spiral (and he will learn this by reading it like all of you). We were in the car and I was telling him how I hate my job and that I will probably never be happy at any job and my very responsible father, who would never in a million years advise me to quit my job and didn’t know that was exactly what he…

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