Handmade & To Die For

We see a lot of furniture. Like, a lot.
This piece was special and I could feel it. I loved all the trim around it. The top wasn’t attached, and yes the trim was missing and falling off but I needed this piece.
Unfortunately, every single drawer had at least some trim missing and every drawer had DIFFERENT trim. Sigh.
Brandt reattached the top and re-glued all the drawers. While making all the repairs to the dresser, he realized this piece was completely hand built by someone. Even the dove…

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Dumpster Dresser


This poor sad dresser was on it’s way to the dump. When I say dump, I mean a giant facility where things go to die.
Follow this if you can: My husband’s nurse at his day job owns a transfer station (Meramec Valley Transfer Facility). Complicated. BUT- one of her missions is recycling and she pays someone to pull things out before they reach the dump that might be worth saving and every now and then we are lucky enough to get a call. We purchased this dresser from her and it was badly damaged but I was…

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A Glass of Champagne

I love Modern Masters paint. It is amazing. Jennifer from The Magic Brush has been teasing me with warm silver finishes.

I happened to have just the dresser that could use this treatment. This dresser had tons of metal accents. Each piece of furniture tells a story and this one is no different. It was custom built and then it seems to have been sent to Chesterfield, Mo back in the day where all these custom metal accents were fixed on. It has several metal decals even metal shoes! Every girl needs a great pair of shoes!

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Mid Century is HOT!

As we build up toward this April’s St. Louis Vintage Market Days, we are super excited to do several giveaways! This post has one!!

I don’t know if you have heard but mid century is back. If you have seen any magazine lately…mid century in bold colors that are lacquered are especially HOT. This is something I wanted to do…bad. I researched and researched and found that Stiltskin Studios in Florida had been using a High Performance Furniture Lacquer spray from Amy Howard at Home.

I needed it.

We found a…

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This is a Maaaaan’s Dresser

rustic black dresser with reclaimed barn wood

So…This baby is my husbands pride and joy and he says “This is a Maaaaan’s dresser.” After you finish rolling your eyes or giggling…take a look at the pictures. You will see he was right! It turned out beautiful. This would look great in several places in your home but it would be especially nice as a dresser for your man 🙂

Check out the before!


The top on this was completely destroyed. We recently started sharing a space with Reclaim Renew so my…

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Don’t get rid of that old furniture…experiment!

We talk a lot on our facebook page about our great friends and family being so supportive…and nothing says supportive like giving you business. For some reason, even though we treat every piece the same, there is this weird pressure when it is a piece for someone you know. You want them to love it and you want them to be so happy that they took a chance on you and your little side/hobby business. I can’t tell you how much it validates what you are doing when friends trust you to work on their furniture pieces….especially…

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Drab Dresser From Turn Of the Century

This dresser was rescued about a month ago. It had mismatched handles was wobbly and needed love. A LOT OF LOVE. This dresser is from the turn of the century and needed to be completely dismantled. Literally, the top, sides, drawers, and everything was taken apart and given special attention.

Although this dresser came a long way. The hardware wasn’t salvageable for this piece, but we saved it all for future projects. The top barely made it through demolition and you can tell its old and wise, but it is still lovely. Like all 100+ year…

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So, for those of you that know me…You know I am insane and this won’t surprise any of you. For those that don’t…this is what you are dealing with:

I. LOVE. NURSERIES. I have no children, I likely won’t have children. I have 3 dogs. Spoiled rotten dogs. We love them. They are our world. I’ve thought about creating a nursery and saying its for them so its slightly less weird that I have a nursery in my house. Alas, I have no nursery. My mother-in-law got us a great old magazine cover with a baby…

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