DIY Classes at Rescued Furnishings are back! We have taken a few weeks off to get ready for the BIG spring DIY event! (10 spots left!)
But- we have 3 DIY classes in March that you will want to check out. Our very popular gel stain class is back on March 23rd and our furniture painting class is March 27th! Our gel stain class is cabinet focused but can be applied easily to refinishing anything. You receive an piece of unfinished and finished wood and learn how to do both! Our furniture painting class features snacks…

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Spring Fling 2015

If you are like me, winter already has you down! Have no fear, you have something to look forward to!
We had an all day DIY event in November. It sold out in 3 weeks! We are announcing our spring event (only 3 months away!) with 12 more available spots! So many changes and things planned for this event! We are so SO excited!!
All the details are below and you can purchase your tickets here. For large groups, contact us for a discount!
This would also…

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St. Louis’ DIY Classes & Headquarters

We expect that our new line of DIY classes will sell out at St. Louis Vintage Market Days in Highland, IL. So hurry and register for yours today! Classes start at just $30!

For info on each class: http://rescuedfurnishings.com/pages/diy-classes

To Register: http://rescuedfurnishings.com/collections/diy-classes

We are so excited to be offering EIGHT different classes this fall. There are a lot of different classes out there offered, so you may be thinking…why take ours?

You don’t have to take a class to be able to use our products, but our classes will eliminate trial and error….

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NEWS- Read All About It!

Hello all! It has been over a month since we have written here (won’t happen again!). We have been so crazy busy….we have been quiet but things have been moving along.

I am going to move through one thing at a time!

First, and most exciting, we have a new logo! Check out our facebook page, etsy shop, and website for all of our new designs! We are ordering all kinds of fun things with our new logo as well. Allie from Rusty Nail Designs was amazing to work with and did…

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