Coffee Table Makeover

Once upon a time several years ago, we went to this dark and dreary barn that had no lighting and spotted a super cool coffee table with our phone screen lights. This was before everyone had a flash light with their cell phone. The man wanted $200 for it which we could NOT afford. A whole year went by, and we were still talking about this coffee table. So we stopped in again and told ourselves if it was still there that it was meant to be. IT WAS.
It was so…

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Coffee Table Redo

We recently rescued a coffee table from a salvage place before it hit the dump. SOMEONE WANTED TO THROW THIS AWAY.

So we paid the salvage company to save the coffee table!

The top was completely busted. We ripped it off and replaced it with 2″ thick oak reclaimed barn wood. This is the real 2″ not the modern 2″. It really makes a statement.
You can see the nails in the side all the way around. To contrast the light top we painted this a dark grey and…

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