Chalk Paint, Milk Paint, & Other Things

This past weekend I wrote a blog post that border line broke the internet. I kid I kid.

Let me summarize:

For months…..well longer than that, but we will go with months….I have contemplated writing a post on chalk paint. I have a lot of friends that use it and didn’t want to hurt feelings so I wrote it and came back to it probably 10 times to edit it and never had the courage to publish it.

Well, most of you don’t know this, but I have an autoimmune disease. It is…

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Chalk Paint & Wax

Here it is. It has been a long time coming. Chalk Paint Pros and Cons. I get asked almost EVERY DAY if I use chalk paint and/or wax. The answer is a resounding no.  In no way is it meant to be taken as a knock on anyone that uses it and loves it but here are my personal reasons for NOT using it. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy from people that use chalk paint…it is just why we don’t use it.

**Disclaimer- I will say this now,…

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