Galapagos Blue

I invented a color! How fun! Our friends wanted to replicate a look on a couple buffets they saw so we got busy!
We mixed Corinth Blue and Sunglow yellow to get this rich turquoise color that we called Galapagos Blue! I have always loved the word ‘Galapagos’. Anyway……
Anyone and everyone that saw this piece in work fell in love.
This buffet has been flying around the web and everyone wants to know what we did!
So first things, first.
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Behemoth Buffet

converting a broken buffet
We have had this buffet for a very long time. A buffet is pretty much always my weakness. We were kinda keeping it a secret because we were secretly hoping we could keep it but when we moved to the new space it got noticed and SOLD at the open house.
This buffet is MASSIVE. It is no wonder that it no longer had legs.
Shylah and Greg wanted something unique, but not too feminine and the sheer size of this thing was a good compromise.

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Basement Hideaway to Buffet Masterpiece

We just finished a magnificent buffet. This thing is GRAND. It has a presence. I knew as soon as I saw it that it would be wonderful. It had been in someone’s basement for years and they wanted it gone. I told it that someone would love it again one day.

I didn’t do a fantastic job of before pictures with this so you will have to wait for the before and after. We had to sand the heck out of this. Since this was being done in a creamy white we had to prime, and…

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Buffet: Don’t Break A Leg!

One of the reasons we started our business was because a very sweet friend of mine is always so encouraging. Sean and Susie are seriously the best! They have a buffet that used to be her Mom’s (this is me hoping her mom LOVES it and isn’t too sad that we changed it).  This buffet had suffered a broken leg…so obviously Brandt had to come along to save the day. Plus, he and Sean had man things to do like use chain saws and help the ladies with a few tough screws.  This buffet had a shocking…

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