Your Local St. Louis Stitch Fix!

Stitch Fix is one of my favorite services, like I seriously love stitch fix. I recently used something so great for us local St. Louis people! It is called Mix & Match!

So here is the gist- these two wonderful ladies, Maggie & Erin, come to your house. You can have a party, where everyone has their own private shopping show and trying on clothes! You get discounts as the host and all that fun stuff OR you can do what I did!

A private styling session – better than stitch fix!

They brought me a whole rack of clothes. Just for me. I didn’t even know normal people could have styling sessions! This was my rack! I don’t have time to shop. And this is so so easy. It is perfect for all of us with busy lives for those of us that hate shopping!

Mix and Match clothing Rack Styling Service

Mix And Match Clothing Rack

They brought black leggings and I totally was like ” I have 500 pairs of leggings, I’m good”. Then I tried them on, and promptly bought them. I don’t know how to explain it, they are magical. Cardigans, I love a lot of things but I am really picky about how arms stretch out and how certain fabrics snag. I am telling you, their clothes were amazing quality.

This shirt for example, is folded over and stitched which is great since I’ve had shirts like this before and they get loose at the sleeve and drive me crazy! It is a nice touch in my opinion 🙂

Here is the best part, they have never had anything in their inventory over $68 so far. If you do stitch fix, you know it can go higher.

I could not have been more pleased!

In-fact, I was pleased I bought this many things:

I wore this really heavy cardigan to the home show. It is maybe my favorite!

This denim shirt on Show Me St. Louis was a hit and I don’t even like denim shirts. I LOVE THIS. It is so soft and magical.

I’ve gotten flannel shirts before and they wash weird and don’t hold shape well. This one has been great. I also got the under shirt from them as well….It is THE BEST!

How do you get started?

So, if you want to reach out and have them style you, you can email them. You can find all their info here:

They are also on facbeook. They are the sweetest girls and you will be so excited when they show up with a rack of clothes!

Let me know if you try them and tell them you heard about them from me!