Stenciling Furniture

If you have followed along you know I have a love affair with stenciling walls. So it would make sense that stenciling furniture would come next.  I really wanted to stencil a piece of furniture to change things up!
We had this sweet little buffet that I painted in Persian Blue by General Finsihes.
A lot of you ask me all the time where I get my stencils and the answer is a quick, Royal Design Studio. I love them. In fact, it is where I also get my production sized stencils as well.
For this project, they sent me the Anastasia Damask Tile Stencil. This means that it overlaps really easily.
I gathered my stencil, stencil brush (also from Royal Design Studio) and paint. I used Seagull Gray for the actual stenciling.
Only wanting to use part of the stencil, I needed to tape the rest off. To do this I used the yellow frog tape which is for freshly painted surfaces. This not only kept my stencil in place, but it kept me from painting in the areas that I didn’t want to use on this project.
When I stencil, I dab my brush in the paint and then wipe it off on a paper towel so there is barely any paint left on the brush.
From there, I start the actual pouncing! I sped up this video so you could see what I actually do!
I did the same thing for the dresser top but I taped a different part of the stencil off. This video shows the whole process. Including, when I give up on pouncing and switch to a 4″ foam roller. It also shows me using Krud Kutter and an artist brush to clean up mess ups. I just sprayed a little on and wiped the extra paint off. The stuff is magical!

Finishing Touches

Once it was all dry, I lightly distressed the seagull gray and resealed the piece!
I was super excited to get it back together and see the hardware gently touch the stencil on the door fronts!

Stenciled Buffet

And the top is perfectly distressed!
 And guess what?!?! I am going to give away a stencil this week so come back and check out our blog for that!