St. Louis Vintage Market Days SALE

As many of you know we are one of the big sponsors for St. Louis Vintage Market Days.

As usual, we are planning so many awesome things.

First- Logistics. St. Louis Vintage Market Days runs from April 24-26. Times are 12-6pm on Friday, 9-6 on Saturday and 10-4 on Sunday. The event is held at the amphitheater in Chesterfield, MO and there is AMPLE parking right across the street at Chesterfield Mall. You can walk across and there will be a pick up area for any large or awkward purchases so you don’t have to carry them! Large furniture pick up will be easily accessible because all you have to do is get in your car, drive right up to the front, have it loaded up and you are on your way. Furniture pick up will be very close to our booth as well.

Second – We are doing things BACKWARD this year. We are going to have a major FLASH sale on FRIDAY. Friday is the early buying event and it is when we will have our BEST DEALS!  So….below I have a list of furniture that we will have marked WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY down. These are FRIDAY only deals. Nothing wrong with them, but our warehouse is full and they need to GO! There are no pre-sales and these are FRIDAY ONLY!

On Friday, we will also have 15% off all paint, sealers, and glazes. The rest of the weekend they will be 10% off.

We will also have a very very limited quantity of Galapagos Blue available for purchase! Otherwise you can pre-order and pick up after May 1st or we will ship! This particular color will not have any discounts though.

First up- this sweet little cabinet was completely rebuilt, shelves added (adjustable). It is lightly distressed and is the perfect mellow yellow. This cabinet will be marked down to below our cost of materials and labor on this. Only $150. Friday Only!

Next- This amazing China cabinet! I almost hate to do it because it is a showstopper and I like having it around to give people ideas when they want something customized that we have in shop. But I need the space. This guy is going to be marked down to $399.

There is more! This chest is so perfect and petite. Painted in antique white and glazed. Somebody please give it a home. $225! Seriously. When we need room, we need room!

And she has a matching sister….also for $225.

While this table hasn’t been with us long, I actually just don’t have room for it anymore even though I LOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE it. $250.

And lastly, this gorgeous china cabinet. Time for a new home, that is not my warehouse! $299.

Third- We are going to have an IN BOOTH SURPRISE! We will announce it on Friday but not before then 🙂

See you all at Vintage Market Days in Chesterfield!