Ikea Hack Rast Dresser

Ikea hacks have become very popular. We recently had an Ikea open up in St. Louis and have been hosting Ikea Hack classes! They have been a huge hit and I wanted to show you what we have done so far! We have had a few classes and partnered with O’verlays! O’verlays makes super awesome decals for lack of a better word for a ton of ikea’s furniture lines. It totally takes a simple ikea piece up several several notches.
You can get any of the O’verlays you see here on their website!  They are seriously amazing!
If you have every put together a piece of Ikea Furniture you know that building it is at least half the battle…at least. If you are like me, not so nice words will probably fly out of your mouth. I torture myself so the building part is a little less painful for our class attendees and they can have us walk them through it!
This is how the ikea rast starts….Scary right?
Ikea Rast Dresser
So how did we take it from here?
I think the overlays look fantastic the way they come in White, but if you want to paint them you can use regular paint or spray paint. I recommend doing this before you do anything else so they aren’t tacky when you are ready to install! Some of our students were able to silver/gold leaf their overlays which turned out stunning. If you are going to do that, we recommend putting your adhesive on before you start building and then you can apply the silver leaf to the overlays when your paint is drying on the actual dresser. Picking the actual overlay is the hard part!
Next, We put the Ikea Rast together! We always have an extra piece on hand for missing parts though!
Of course, we can’t follow the directions to the tee and sometimes power tools just make things easier, ya know?
The we painted away!
Once everything is painted and drying you obviously need a lunch break. If you decided to silver leaf, now is the time to leaf away!
Everything is all set you are ready to seal! We sealed with Modern Masters for supreme protection!
Now, you are ready to attach your overlays!
We lined them up and used the Ryobi Brad Nailer to attach!
When you silver leaf you cant see the holes but if you painted or left them white you can fill with caulk and then just dab it with a touch up!
If you spray painted them, no worries! Spray a paper plate and use a paint brush to touch up! Best tip ever!
DRUM ROLL!!!! I can’t wait for you to see these!
Reminder….this dresser is a plain pine box you get at ikea!

Complete Ikea Hack

And look what all these awesome people turned it into! What an amazing Ikea Hack right?
They all turned out so so good and so unique!  A couple of our attendees have even sent us in home shots!
Check this one out from Barbara! Gorgeous right? She switched the knobs out too! I love that!
Ikea Hack with a rast dresser

Rast Dresser Complete

You can do this yourself by swinging by ikea and heading to the Overlays website!
Send us pics if you tackle this ikea hack yourself!
If you want to take a class, we have our schedule here!