How to get a good Stitch Fix

I have belonged to Stitch Fix now for 8 months! You can register using my affiliate link if you would like, but let me tell you all about it and how to make it work for you!
I have only mailed three items back in that time and love almost everything I get. As a small business owner, I have no time to shop and haven’t shopped for clothes since belonging! I see people trying it and loving it OR trying it and hating it! So, because I am a huge believer in this service I wanted to give you some tips on How to get the best stitch fix box possible.
How to get a good stitch fix
First, What is stitch fix? 

Stitch fix is a service that provides you a personal stylist! You get clothes mailed to your home based on your style profile. You get to choose your price points, your frequency (anywhere from every couple weeks to 6 months and it is always changeable), and you can set what type of items you want!

How Much Does it cost? 

The cost is $20 per shipment. BUT, if you keep even one thing that $20 is applied to your item. If you keep all 5 things, then you get an additional 25% off! My last fix, averaged $47 per item including a great pair of jeans and a jacket….for good quality clothes and me not leaving my house to get that I am calling that a win. FYI: I consider their quality on par with Banana Republic just for comparison sake. Not the worlds cheapest, but definitely not too crazy AND I really like the items and didn’t have to leave the house to get them. To me that is SO worth it. P.S. Their jeans are the best.

I have most of my items set to be in the $50-$100 range and they have never gone over that. Sometimes it is even under. I just did a periscope that shows you the items I got and told you the price of each one! You can see that here!


I have only mailed 3 items back in 8 months, which I consider a HUGE success, so I wanted to give you some tips on getting the best “fix” possible!
1. Be specific. Very Specific. I went online and filled out my profile.  I liked everything I got and kept it, but I wanted to LOVE everything. So I went in and started to get really specific….”I don’t like this kind of stripe, I don’t like this color, I don’t like shirts that hit at this length. ” In my opinion, the pickier the better. They also have pictures that you rate in your profile. I edited those due to the fact that just because I liked what I was looking at didn’t mean I would actually wear it, so I eliminated most of them.
2. Give feedback! Every fix you can write a note to your stylist and I always make sure to comment on the items. Before every fix you can write another note saying what you would like to see, but if you keep something and you love it, tell them you love it and WHY.
3. Pinterest! Start a pinterest board! I did 2 months ago and think it is great AND my stylist pulls items based on my board now. The first month she pulled a peasant top because I had a lot of embroidered things but I don’t like the peasant style. I sent it back but was happy that they tried and just told them that yes I love embellishments but not in that shape. You can see my pinterest board here!
4. Don’t be gentle Don’t be afraid to give feedback with specifics. I think too many people think your stylist can read your mind, however they can’t. TELL THEM WHAT YOU ARE THINKING!
If you would like to give stitch fix a try, I would love for you to use my affiliate link! 
Let me know how it works for you!