Flooring Saga Continued

**Hallmark Floors graciously partnered with us for this project but all our thoughts and opinions are our own**

If you would like to see where our floors started, you can check them out here! It was BAD!

Our friends at Looking Glass Floors had told us about Hallmark Flooring and we were hooked. We loved their finishes. Just looking at them from the website we liked what we saw. We went down to a distributor to start looking at samples and holy moly is that overwhelming. The world was our oyster. We had no idea if we would want hardwood, engineered wood, vinyl or what and we needed to start narrowing it down. Shockingly, out of all the samples we looked at we seemed to gravitate toward engineered floors. We were surprised by this but we figured out why.


Basically, even hand scraped hardwood floors are still smooth, which means my precious dog’s toenails are going to destroy it in no time at all and yes we have had bamboo and oak floors before…they still get destroyed. The hickory engineered floors that we were loving had a lot of texture which meant it was going to be very forgiving. The floors are made to have the old looking saw marks, and they are handcrafted to replicate old wood. The widths are varying, the lengths are varying and it seems super natural. It also had color variation and knot holes. Did I mention it was HICKORY!? Engineered floors are still wood on the top. And hickory wood? Sign me up for my house full of dogs please!

We narrowed it down to three options and ended up selecting Oolong.




To say we were excited was an understatement but we still had to figure out how to pay for it. Even though Hallmark was giving us a fantastic deal we still had to pay for it and flooring is never cheap and this flooring is definitely not cheap but we had cheap floors in the past and we knew we wanted to do it right.

We have also previously installed floors but with our growing business we had no time to do it ourselves. We had a lot to figure out but we knew we wanted to make this work. As soon as we got our act together, the flooring company changed factories and we had to patiently wait for our delivery.

We have never redone our own floors after we had already started living in the house and let me tell you how much fun it is….NONE. I’m gonna tell you a lot about the whole process in the next post but I just wanted to leave you with this…..THE FLOOR!!!!!!! Isn’t it already so much better and I can not tell you how excited we were!