Flooring Disaster

We bought a 117 year old home in September of 2015. Since then, it has essentially been disaster after disaster so I am FINALLY able to update you on some big projects! Our flooring was the original pine floors. Some boards were over 20′ long. While old pine is harder than new pine, it was still pine and was not holding up to our gang of 3 dogs. From first glance, it looked okay minus the obvious sun damage.

Broken Flooring

When you looked closer there was damage…. It was actually pretty bad and very frustrating.

A lot of damage…This wasn’t even repairable.

There were even shoe prints in our floor. This was a “flipped” home and I hate when “flippers” flip things into CRAP.

Some of the boards were 20′ long, which is cool in theory. Not cool when the 20′ boards end in space and not on a joist and you can put your foot through the boards.

We had a few options:

  1. Refinish the floors
  2. Pull out the floors and salvage for someone else to use
  3. Lay over top of the floors

For us, refinishing the floors was a NO GO. With the dogs and the lack of a durable floor in the end it just wasn’t going to work.

These floors had NO SUB FLOOR. Which means, removing them meant literally moving OUT OF THE HOUSE. It would have added thousands on to the project and weeks and it was money and time we just didn’t have.

We made the decision to go over the floors!!! But, with what? And how would we do it?

We fell in LOVE with Hallmark flooring (more on that in the next post) so we knew we were going to use them but then we needed to proceed…..