Bold Kitchens for 2016

kitchen transformation

2016 is off to the races and we have clients going bold! Bold kitchens are making a comeback. Some of you may remember that I created a winning color for the 2015 General Finishes paint contest, called Galapagos Blue. Why Galapagos Blue? Because its teal and Galapagos is super fun to say. That’s why 🙂
Anyway, I thought I would share where some of our clients heads are at. Classic kitchens are always fun but so are pops of color and I love being brave! I love it even more when clients want their kitchens to be a…

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Blogland Tour

If you follow my facebook page, blog, or anything really…You know that I love Jennifer from The Magic Brush. She mentors and encourages over 70,000 people on her facebook page every day but I pretend it is just me.  When she invited me to be a part of the blogland tour I was elated! Jennifer is talented, kind, supportive, and a wonderful follower of Christ.  If you want a daily (or hourly) dose of happiness and reality (she likes to keep it real which I love about her) then you definitely want to check out…

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