Tips for Visiting St. Louis Vintage Market Days

St. Louis Vintage Market Days is almost here and I know everyone is getting so excited. The amount of tulle I have on order is kind of out of control. Chanda, the awesome owner of St. Louis Vintage Market Days and I are always brainstorming and we were out to lunch one day and we thought it might be helpful to compile a list of tips to shop at Vintage Market Days.

We hope you stop by St. Louis Vintage Market Days and say Hi and stay tuned as we start…

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Quick Tips #5 Waxing Tips

I get asked ALL the time about using wax under certain conditions.  Although I am not a wax expert, I have still done extensive enough research and talked to enough wax experts to know the following rules apply.  I thought it would be helpful to share. For those of you that know me, you know that I do not use wax as a sealer, I do use it to buff sometimes though. Anyway, these are the most common questions I get, so I wanted to list my answers out for you and give…

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House Hunting Tips… Moving Is Hard!

Some of you may know we have started house hunting!  I thought I would share some house hunting tips with you that I have learned throughout the house hunting process.
Well, we found a house and as it turns out…being a small business owner and self employed is not looked kindly upon by the banks despite us both having an 800 credit score. Sigh. So financing has had to be a little creative…even with 20% down. It actually has been super frustrating because I feel like life is made harder for the small business owner at…

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Quick Tips # 4 How to Pick Gray! My super power.

You didn’t know I was a super hero?? That’s so sad for you! I kid.

But I do have this strange ability to pick grays… gray paint.

Here are a couple things to consider that you need to answer…

1) Are you a blue gray person?

2) Are you a purple gray person?

3) Are you a greige person?

4) Are you a true gray person?

Everyone is going to like a different gray. It is a fact of life. So, not only do you need…

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Quick Tips #3 What Type of Furniture to Stain

Staining Furniture: What to Look For!

Ok. So you have decided you want to stain your next piece of furniture! Then, you decided you are going to use Gel Stain from General Finishes, which is our favorite and you can even buy it here!  No matter the stain you use, if you are a novice re-finisher it may be intimidating to take on your first big stain project! Staining furniture really isn’t THAT big of a project. You may spend HOURS searching for a piece…

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Cheap Pergola Shade

Who couldn’t use some extra cheap shade every now and then!?
We made-over our backyard last year and you can see more of that here and here.
What I wanted to show you was our super cheap pergola shade solution!

When my husband built the pergola, he didn’t take into account the way the direction of the sun so the wider boards are going width wise instead of lengthwise which would have produced more shade. After the…

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Quick Tips #1 – 6 Panel Doors

I am going to start doing a ‘Painting Tips’ Series. It will be fun to see how many we get.
I was painting some 6 panel doors the other day for an awesome client and thought that you all might find my weird tricks helpful.
After your prep work… lay your door flat. You can also do this in place as well.
Now, for most doors the following will work but you will want to look at your grain and sections to make sure that…

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Spraying Furniture!

Okay you guys! Everyone always asks if we spray furniture.  Spraying furniture is something we do and when we do, we use the 3M HG18 Spray gun. It is made for cars and sprays nicer than any gun we have ever used!! We were turned onto it by General Finishes and YES you can spray General Finishes through this! All these opinions are my own and I would like to thank 3M for giving me a gun to giveaway to one of you!
I love love love everything about this gun. It can also be proven…

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Quick Tips #2 – Selecting the right Paint!

Quick Tips #2 here… Paint tips! I have people ask me all the time what kind of paint to use for this or that. People say they will get bubbles, or orange peel texture. Part of this is technique but part of it is the paint you select.

General Finishes

General Finishes has a self leveling agent in it so with little experience you can get a very nice finish with almost any tool. With practice, you will establish your own methods and get more comfortable playing with it. You can learn how to get…

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Painting with WHITE & Sealer Tips

I love white. I hate white. I love white. I hate white.
White paint has terrible coverage. Antique whites, creams, tans – different story. WHITE WHITE – typically a nightmare.
If you have ever painted with even a good coverage paint in white – you know, its just not the same. Now, if you are super unlucky, you get bleed through and everything that can go wrong DOES go wrong when you are painting with WHITE.


I have a few rules that I typically…

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