Flooring Install!

Installing flooring while living in your home is not for the faint of heart, in fact it may be only for the crazy. We learned a lot of lessons which we will do a whole post on!

*hallmark floors provided our flooring at a discounted price. All of the opinions are our own*

We own a kitchen renovation company so I am all to familiar with my clients struggles and how hard a flooring renovation is on the home and family. I feel like, even I was not prepared for this and I do renovations…

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Flooring Saga Continued

**Hallmark Floors graciously partnered with us for this project but all our thoughts and opinions are our own**

If you would like to see where our floors started, you can check them out here! It was BAD!

Our friends at Looking Glass Floors had told us about Hallmark Flooring and we were hooked. We loved their finishes. Just looking at them from the website we liked what we saw. We went down to a distributor to start looking at samples and holy moly is that overwhelming. The world was our oyster. We had no idea…

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Flooring Disaster

Flooring disaster

We bought a 117 year old home in September of 2015. Since then, it has essentially been disaster after disaster so I am FINALLY able to update you on some big projects! Our flooring was the original pine floors. Some boards were over 20′ long. While old pine is harder than new pine, it was still pine and was not holding up to our gang of 3 dogs. From first glance, it looked okay minus the obvious sun damage.

Broken Flooring

When you…

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Old home, New Projects


We moved into our home (built in 1899) late last fall and have been busy working and getting nothing done it feels like! I thought I would update you on our list!

Project List

1. Design and build an 8′ tall pantry for kitchen- DONE AND INSTALLED! Hooray! Full kitchen reveal coming soon!

2. Design and build coffee bar for kitchen – in progress

3. Add ship lap to accent wall in kitchen and island – half way done

4. Change Island Lighting. -…

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116 Year Old Project List

We moved into a 116 year old home in late September and we have been incredibly busy. I have an extremely long project list and I thought it would be fun to list it out so we have this to refer back to.

How crazy is this list? What are you most excited to see???

The Project List

1. Design and build an 8′ tall pantry for kitchen

2. Design and build coffee bar for kitchen

3. Add ship lap to accent wall in kitchen and island

4. Change Island Lighting.

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Choosing a Rug, Changing a Room

It’s a lot of pressure to put on a rug. I know. But for the last year or so we have been going from tans to grays….partly because we are buying a leather sectional and that will be too much brown. The whole process has stopped since we are moving but as part of the transition we are are getting rid of REDS and adding blues, green, and turquoise. ¬†Choosing a rug can be very hard and time consuming.
We got this rug at Ikea and it…

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Glam up Your Ceiling Medallions

So, if you have ever replaced a light fixture or swapped out a fan you know that you can damage your ceiling. If you live in an old home, you may have a plaster ceiling. This means a ceiling medallion will be your best friend. Or if you are like me, you just love pretty things. The hardware stores have started carrying plastic, foam, resin and all types of paintable medallions. So you can just throw them up on your ceiling after going to town with spray can. And that is perfectly acceptable…BUT…

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House Hunting Wish List

For some strange reason, we decided we just weren’t busy enough and started house hunting.
Wish lists are a funny thing aren’t they?
When we were looking for our first home, one of my biggest MUST HAVES was a pantry. We bought the house, signed the papers for it to be built, went back to our apartment and neither one of us knew if the house had a pantry or not. For us, we just fall in love.
We started looking about a week ago, and in just a week our list has already…

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Coffee Table Makeover

Once upon a time several years ago, we went to this dark and dreary barn that had no lighting and spotted a super cool coffee table with our phone screen lights. This was before everyone had a flash light with their cell phone. The man wanted $200 for it which we could NOT afford. A whole year went by, and we were still talking about this coffee table. So we stopped in again and told ourselves if it was still there that it was meant to be. IT WAS.
It was so…

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A Penny For Your Thoughts

Once upon a time, I innocently bought a video from The Magic Brush. I love silver leafing and she had a video about how to create a silver leaf damask finish on the walls. WALLS? I can make my walls silver????
Needless to say, a monster was created. Now, I don’t follow the video to the tee and don’t be afraid to put your own spin it as well. Every faux finisher has their own style, be proud! There are steps that I have eliminated and steps that I have added AND be brave and…

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