Ikea Hack Rast Dresser

Ikea Hack Rast Dresser
Ikea hacks have become very popular. We recently had an Ikea open up in St. Louis and have been hosting Ikea Hack classes! They have been a huge hit and I wanted to show you what we have done so far! We have had a few classes and partnered with O’verlays! O’verlays makes super awesome decals for lack of a better word for a ton of ikea’s furniture lines. It totally takes a simple ikea piece up several several notches.
You can get any of the O’verlays you see here on their website!  They are seriously…

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What to look for when painting kitchen cabinets

cracking kitchen cabinets

I have a lot of pet peeves when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Okay, maybe in general. But I have one in particular that drives me up a wall. I posted a picture on facebook this morning to see if anyone could find the problem and I think I almost started a riot by not divulging right away! If you are here from facebook and can’t read another word without knowing the answer….keep scrolling!

I think all too often, us DIY’ers and even professionals assume that because something happens or because something is…

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Customizable Pantry Shelving

This post contains some affiliate links. Please read my disclosure here.

I love organization. So much so, that I spent thousands at the Container Store to organize things through out our shop and home. Our kitchen cabinets, however, were not a single standard dimension that any of their organization was built to. It was super frustrating.

After a ton of research I finally found these customizable birch pull out shelves  for our bottom cabinets from Rockler. Which, lets be real….they always have every single thing I can’t get anywhere else.

They came…

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How to get the Restoration Hardware Style Finish! Easily!

You have seen it a million times!  How to get restoration hardware style finish… and easily!  I just showed it on KSDK this morning but I made a video just for you. This has no steel wool, no crazy concoction. ALL EASY! The thing about the RH look is there is not a one step solution or else it would have no dimension. So let’s dimension it up! The easy way!
** This style is for unfinished pieces only ** I…

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Stenciling Furniture

If you have followed along you know I have a love affair with stenciling walls. So it would make sense that stenciling furniture would come next.  I really wanted to stencil a piece of furniture to change things up!
We had this sweet little buffet that I painted in Persian Blue by General Finsihes.
A lot of you ask me all the time where I get my stencils and the answer is a quick, Royal Design Studio. I love them. In fact, it is where I also get my production sized stencils…

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How to stain anything!

I wanted to share with you the awesome steps of my latest KSDK appearance. If you would like to watch the video, here is the link! It is all about how to stain anything, even plastic!
On the show, I wanted you to see that you can stain almost anything…including plastic! Yes, Plastic!
First, lets go back in time….
You may or may not remember that time I stained directly over gray painted bead board with Java gel stain!
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Glam up Your Ceiling Medallions

So, if you have ever replaced a light fixture or swapped out a fan you know that you can damage your ceiling. If you live in an old home, you may have a plaster ceiling. This means a ceiling medallion will be your best friend. Or if you are like me, you just love pretty things. The hardware stores have started carrying plastic, foam, resin and all types of paintable medallions. So you can just throw them up on your ceiling after going to town with spray can. And that is perfectly acceptable…BUT…

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Coffee Table Base Tutorial

Coffee Table Base Change

For more background on this table, check out part 1 here.  This table is so cool and I feel like you need to know how cool it is too. So definitely read our first post for all the history:) Our ultimate goal was to totally change the coffee table base and make it even more unique since it came off of a cargo ship! See, cool…right?
For a refresher, here is the before and after!

East Coast Driftwood Look… How She Did it!

I know, I know. This table has taken the internet by storm. How did she do it?  How did she get that East Coast Driftwood look?

Lol. I may be exaggerating. But, I have gotten more questions about HOW I did this table than any other piece, ever!

I will be honest….I don’t know if I could ever 100% duplicate this. But I will share my process!

The Process

First, I…

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Glazing Away

Ever wonder what the process is like to do some fun metallic glazing?!!

In the following video you can watch as I mix Modern Masters Warm Silver and MM Blackened Bronze on a very detailed coffee table leg to get just the look I want.

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