Does Your Furniture Have A Story To Tell?

We have picked up a lot of furniture before. We have found kids letters, love letters, drawings, receipts, bills, quilts, hair ties, glitter, and other random things in our furniture. I always check furniture before we paint but not really when we pick up. This time was no different.
When we were carrying this mid century dresser onto our trailer something fell out.
My first thought was…oh no, the dresser bottom has a hole in it! BUT, nope it didnt. What had fallen out was a full box…

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Coffee Table Base Tutorial

Coffee Table Base Change

For more background on this table, check out part 1 here.  This table is so cool and I feel like you need to know how cool it is too. So definitely read our first post for all the history:) Our ultimate goal was to totally change the coffee table base and make it even more unique since it came off of a cargo ship! See, cool…right?
For a refresher, here is the before and after!

East Coast Driftwood Look… How She Did it!

I know, I know. This table has taken the internet by storm. How did she do it?  How did she get that East Coast Driftwood look?

Lol. I may be exaggerating. But, I have gotten more questions about HOW I did this table than any other piece, ever!

I will be honest….I don’t know if I could ever 100% duplicate this. But I will share my process!

The Process

First, I…

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Coffee Table Makeover

Once upon a time several years ago, we went to this dark and dreary barn that had no lighting and spotted a super cool coffee table with our phone screen lights. This was before everyone had a flash light with their cell phone. The man wanted $200 for it which we could NOT afford. A whole year went by, and we were still talking about this coffee table. So we stopped in again and told ourselves if it was still there that it was meant to be. IT WAS.
It was so…

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Galapagos Blue

I invented a color! How fun! Our friends wanted to replicate a look on a couple buffets they saw so we got busy!
We mixed Corinth Blue and Sunglow yellow to get this rich turquoise color that we called Galapagos Blue! I have always loved the word ‘Galapagos’. Anyway……
Anyone and everyone that saw this piece in work fell in love.
This buffet has been flying around the web and everyone wants to know what we did!
So first things, first.
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Handmade & To Die For

We see a lot of furniture. Like, a lot.
This piece was special and I could feel it. I loved all the trim around it. The top wasn’t attached, and yes the trim was missing and falling off but I needed this piece.
Unfortunately, every single drawer had at least some trim missing and every drawer had DIFFERENT trim. Sigh.
Brandt reattached the top and re-glued all the drawers. While making all the repairs to the dresser, he realized this piece was completely hand built by someone. Even the dove…

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Dumpster Dresser


This poor sad dresser was on it’s way to the dump. When I say dump, I mean a giant facility where things go to die.
Follow this if you can: My husband’s nurse at his day job owns a transfer station (Meramec Valley Transfer Facility). Complicated. BUT- one of her missions is recycling and she pays someone to pull things out before they reach the dump that might be worth saving and every now and then we are lucky enough to get a call. We purchased this dresser from her and it was badly damaged but I was…

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Just a few of our Favorite Projects In Pictures!

This is just a very small round up of just a few of our personal favorites from 2014! No particular order….just a few of our favorites that weren’t featured on our top ranking blog posts!

#1) The man dresser! I love the reclaimed top and bolts on this. Check it out! 

#2) Sexy Lady! She made her debut almost a year ago. LOVE LOVE LOVE! 


#3) This. Vanity. Be still my heart. 

Gold Leafing Furniture

This dresser came out of a recycling center. There is a local company that pays someone to sort through things and pull out anything “good”. This was a solid dresser but it had tons of gouges, chunks of wood missing, water rings and more. The lovely gold trim was not lovely…it was beat up. This thing was ugly. Honestly, I had zero vision for it.
My sister-in-law has a gorgeous apartment in Minneapolis that she seems to be furnishing with lots of goodies from us. She bought our first…

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Behemoth Buffet

converting a broken buffet
We have had this buffet for a very long time. A buffet is pretty much always my weakness. We were kinda keeping it a secret because we were secretly hoping we could keep it but when we moved to the new space it got noticed and SOLD at the open house.
This buffet is MASSIVE. It is no wonder that it no longer had legs.
Shylah and Greg wanted something unique, but not too feminine and the sheer size of this thing was a good compromise.

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