St. Louis Vintage Market Days Fall 2015 – Thank YOU

St Louis Vintage Market Days just happened in Chesterfield, MO. I normally do a follow up post with pictures from vendor booths but this time it is going to be a little different.

I will be following up with a post about being a vendor and how to make the show successful for you, the market as a whole, and how to use it as a business marketing plan. This, is not that post.

Until then, I want to use this post as a Thank you.

A thank you to the Vintage Market Days…

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Tips for Visiting St. Louis Vintage Market Days

St. Louis Vintage Market Days is almost here and I know everyone is getting so excited. The amount of tulle I have on order is kind of out of control. Chanda, the awesome owner of St. Louis Vintage Market Days and I are always brainstorming and we were out to lunch one day and we thought it might be helpful to compile a list of tips to shop at Vintage Market Days.

We hope you stop by St. Louis Vintage Market Days and say Hi and stay tuned as we start…

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St. Louis Vintage Market Days – Spring 2015 Wrap Up

OH MY GOSH! St. Louis Vintage Market Days ended 2 weeks ago and I feel like it was YESTERDAY. What an amazing whirl wind! So how did this year’s event go? Well, Amazing. I love this picture I took. In love with the flags hanging across the street. I loved that it was outside. Head over heels by all the white tents lining the street. Pure Bliss!
I equally love this picture of Gayla with the GINORMOUS line behind her right before we opened the front gates! So cute!

St. Louis Vintage Market Days SALE

As many of you know we are one of the big sponsors for St. Louis Vintage Market Days.

As usual, we are planning so many awesome things.

First- Logistics. St. Louis Vintage Market Days runs from April 24-26. Times are 12-6pm on Friday, 9-6 on Saturday and 10-4 on Sunday. The event is held at the amphitheater in Chesterfield, MO and there is AMPLE parking right across the street at Chesterfield Mall. You can walk across and there will be a pick up area for any large or awkward purchases…

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St. Louis Vintage Market Days Chesterfield, MO

Rescued Furnishings is so excited to be a main sponsor of this spring’s St. Louis Vintage Market Days in Chesterfield, Mo. The event will run from April 24 – 26. I think this one will be the BIGGEST one yet. The venue is at Chesterfield Amphitheater and is right across the street from the back side of Macy’s at Chesterfield mall. In fact, you will be able to park at the mall and walk across! Big furniture pick up will be super easy…you just pull up right to the front and grab and go.
The other great…

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St. Louis Home and Garden Show & General Finishes

We were so so happy to be at the St. Louis Home and Garden Show and be able to bring our custom finishes and General Finishes to the St. Louis area on a big stage.

 St. Louis Home and Garden Show

Not just figuratively either, we were actually on stage at the St. Louis Home and Garden Show! You may have caught one of our seminars there. It was such an honor and we were so proud to do it. We had people say they came to the home show just to see…

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Things Are Getting Crazy – Vintage Market Days Style

St. Louis Vintage Market Days is quickly approaching. Not only that but we have some MAJOR changes coming for Rescued Furnishings that will be forthcoming VERY soon! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to outlay and announce all our changes so it isn’t one data dump, because folks, you will have to hold on to your hats in the next 2 months to keep up!
So, I thought I would start our line of announcements with a quick note on St. Louis Vintage Market Days.
Rescued Furnishings’ booth will be SO SO different…

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Vintage Market Days April 2014

Whew! What a whirlwind of a weekend. Before I start, I want to say a very big THANK YOU to everyone that came out. It was so great to meet you and make some new friends and see some old ones. We had an AMAZING weekend. September’s Vintage Market Days was great but this was above and beyond anything we could have planned for. St. Louis obviously loves this event! We were overwhelmed with attendance (amazing!).
Vendors stepped up and brought hay and wood chips in last minute, St. Louis Vintage Market days hired…

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St. Louis Vintage Market Days – Sept 2013

We had an amazing experience this past weekend! We participated in our first Vintage Market Days and learned SO much.  Some of you that have been following us the last 2 months have noticed we have changed products and improved our methods. This weekend was full of good suggestions & wonderful compliments. Things will be changing for us in the next month! Sometimes I feel like we have been doing this forever but I was humbly reminded how far we can climb this weekend. We will be testing various products, writing about it, but more importantly GREATLY improving how we…

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Where Have We Been?

We have been a little radio silent lady. We are very busy prepping for St. Louis’ first Vintage Market Days.

We got a chance to go look at the site this past Sunday…

Vintage Market Days is an event with all Vintage & Antique vendors…basically a bunch of awesomeness in one place. Check out our flyer at the bottom of this post for more info and website info for the fair.


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