We now carry paint!

You may have noticed our website has been down for about a week. WELL….that is because we now carry paint and sell furniture directly from our website!

We are now carrying General Finishes products!!

To introduce this to you guys we are offering 25% off all General Finishes products now thru April 6. Just enter VMD25 at checkout. We are not currently offering shipping, when you order, we will put your order together and email you with our availability for you to pick up. Pick up will be on evenings and weekends. If you are going to VINTAGE MARKET…

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$75 Gift Certificate Giveaway

We are super excited to do several giveaways as we are building up to this April’s St. Louis Vintage Market Days! This is the second one! We hope you didn’t miss the first!

We have had a lot of exciting things happening around here lately. From having signs and t-shirts made (hey, the small things matter too!),all the way to moving into a warehouse! Now it is time to celebrate! I won’t bore you with all the other things I have to do…like switch this whole website to a new server so I can properly have a…

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Mid Century is HOT!

As we build up toward this April’s St. Louis Vintage Market Days, we are super excited to do several giveaways! This post has one!!

I don’t know if you have heard but mid century is back. If you have seen any magazine lately…mid century in bold colors that are lacquered are especially HOT. This is something I wanted to do…bad. I researched and researched and found that Stiltskin Studios in Florida had been using a High Performance Furniture Lacquer spray from Amy Howard at Home.

I needed it.

We found a…

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New Year! New born? New Furniture!


Once again, we are doing a joint giveaway. And this one makes so much sense. There is a lot to this. So read all the way through. You want to know what can happen just for entering and how to have another winner gift their prize to you!

First, let’s meet Michelle. She is not only a long time friend, a sweet and talented lady, but I can also personally vouch for her work. See our picture on our ‘about us’ page? She did that! If that isn’t enough proof, look…

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Christmas Giveaway!

We have joined forces once again!

We are doing a great Christmas Giveaway with Meldt Vintage Love. Because we are currently hosted by wordpress.com we don’t get to embed this giveaway. Yes, this has caused me unnecessary frustration and is the last straw! On another note…read on to find out about the give away or go here to enter! http://bit.ly/1gd4xt1 There are 12 possible entries. Once you do the first one, it will unlock the 8 other entries!

The giveaway will run through Monday at 5pm. Prizes can only be mailed within the U.S.

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Big News!

We have been teasing some big news for a while now and we are happy to announce we will be moving into the same building with Reclaim Renew beginning in 2014! What does this mean?! Check out the questions and answers below. Feel free to ask any other questions. rrrf

When and where is this happening? Beginning January 1, 2014 we will be moving in! The location is a 4000 sq foot warehouse in Kirkwood, MO where we will do the large majority of our work from….

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Giveaway: Frames!

Guess what?? Our first joint giveaway is finally here!

We have teamed up with FunkysomwhereNorm and are giving away a pair of frames! There will be 2 winners announced on Monday November 11th. Each winner will receive a pair of frames. YAY!

All you have to do to enter is like both Rescued Furnishings and FuNkYsomewhereNoRm facebook pages and “like” the giveaway statuses. So simple!

Our chicken wire frame is great to display pictures,…

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NEWS- Read All About It!

Hello all! It has been over a month since we have written here (won’t happen again!). We have been so crazy busy….we have been quiet but things have been moving along.

I am going to move through one thing at a time!

First, and most exciting, we have a new logo! Check out our facebook page, etsy shop, and website for all of our new designs! We are ordering all kinds of fun things with our new logo as well. Allie from Rusty Nail Designs was amazing to work with and did…

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St. Louis Vintage Market Days – Sept 2013

We had an amazing experience this past weekend! We participated in our first Vintage Market Days and learned SO much.  Some of you that have been following us the last 2 months have noticed we have changed products and improved our methods. This weekend was full of good suggestions & wonderful compliments. Things will be changing for us in the next month! Sometimes I feel like we have been doing this forever but I was humbly reminded how far we can climb this weekend. We will be testing various products, writing about it, but more importantly GREATLY improving how we…

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