What is Power Tools & Pretty Things?

We have officially launched Power Tools & Pretty Things. What does this mean for Rescued Furnishings? No, we aren’t changing, Don’t Worry! Basically, we are branding our DIY classes and adding power tools classes.  This will let people get a lot more hands on!

What is Power Tools & Pretty Things?

Slowly but surely, we will be transitioning to Power Tools & Pretty Things being the Rescued Furnishings blog and class side of the business. While Rescued Furnishings will remain the furniture/kitchen/design and brick and mortar side of things.

Also, we are working towards adding a…

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Biggest, Scariest News ever!

We have big big news around here… career changes has been made! So if you have followed a while…you know that I had a mid life crisis . 

It has been 14 months so I thought it would be great to follow up on how it is going.

It hasn’t gotten less scary.   Sometimes my former 40 hour work week sounds really nice and so does the pay and the health insurance….but then I remember I hated life. During previously mentioned mid life crisis I benched my Masters in Engineering. After a few…

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116 Year Old Project List

We moved into a 116 year old home in late September and we have been incredibly busy. I have an extremely long project list and I thought it would be fun to list it out so we have this to refer back to.

How crazy is this list? What are you most excited to see???

The Project List

1. Design and build an 8′ tall pantry for kitchen

2. Design and build coffee bar for kitchen

3. Add ship lap to accent wall in kitchen and island

4. Change Island Lighting.

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St. Louis Vintage Market Days Fall 2015 – Thank YOU

St Louis Vintage Market Days just happened in Chesterfield, MO. I normally do a follow up post with pictures from vendor booths but this time it is going to be a little different.

I will be following up with a post about being a vendor and how to make the show successful for you, the market as a whole, and how to use it as a business marketing plan. This, is not that post.

Until then, I want to use this post as a Thank you.

A thank you to the Vintage Market Days…

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General Finishes Chalk Style Paint

Yes, the rumors are true! General Finishes is coming out with a chalk style paint!

Most of you know my feelings on chalk paint. I have tested dozens and dozens of primers, paints, and sealers and it just isn’t my cup of tea…or diet coke 😉 Anyway, General Finishes contacted me back in June and asked what I would want to see in a chalk paint and my first thought was “I wouldn’t like to see one”. LOL. Real helpful. But it was true. I use General Finishes Acrylic Paints & Glazes for the following reasons:

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Tips for Visiting St. Louis Vintage Market Days

St. Louis Vintage Market Days is almost here and I know everyone is getting so excited. The amount of tulle I have on order is kind of out of control. Chanda, the awesome owner of St. Louis Vintage Market Days and I are always brainstorming and we were out to lunch one day and we thought it might be helpful to compile a list of tips to shop at Vintage Market Days.

We hope you stop by St. Louis Vintage Market Days and say Hi and stay tuned as we start…

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The New St. Louis Ikea Opening

We were one of the lucky ones with a golden ticket! We got to go to the St. Louis Ikea this weekend FOUR days before it opened. Our time slot was from 10-2. We got there at 9:30 along with at least 1000 other people. Yikes. They did a fairly good job managing everything and I was pretty impressed. When we got in the store they had a good chunk of employees screaming with excitement when a new batch of people came up the escalator.
A lot of people…

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How to Quit the Corporate World

This post was born out of my 1 year update from leaving the corporate world behind. That’s right, I quit the corporate world! With my FULL BLOWN Mid Life Crisis a year behind me I feel like I may be able to offer useful advice. I went from being a Systems Engineer to being a designer, painter, DIY educator among 50 other things.  I encourage you to read the back story and the 1 year update to truly get to where I am today and understand the advice.
I am…

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Giving Yourself Permission to Quit Corporate World… 1 Year Later

A year ago, I quit my job… quit corporate business. I wrote a blog post about my mid life crisis (I quit corporate business) and moved on and never looked back. It was a long time coming. You can read about it here.
Quitting my job was the scariest thing I have ever done. Ever. Hands down. I am ridiculously responsible and it didn’t make any sense. But, I knew one thing and my husband definitely knew one thing and that was I. WAS. MISERABLE. In one of…

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Stencil Giveaway

You guys know I love Royal Design Studio… and their furniture stencil selection!

And you may have seen my recent post about the stencil I just used on a gorgeous buffet!

Now, it is your turn to try! We have partnered with Royal Design Studio to give a lucky one of you a stencil!

Head over to Royal Design Studio website and pick out your favorite stencil and comment below!

The winner will get to select any stencil valued at less than $50 and it will ship…

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