Facebook: 25k Family Member Celebration!

Thank you Thank you!! We reached 25,000 awesome RF family members yesterday on facebook and that could not be more exciting! Every single like, comment, and share means a lot to us. You help us build our business and make our risks worth it. We appreciate you!!

To show our appreciation, we are launching a $250 General Finishes giveaway!! A prize package put together by us, just for you! All kinds of painting goodies…from sealer to glaze to paint and more!

Keep spreading the love! We have more exciting things to share with you this year!



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What to look for when painting kitchen cabinets

cracking kitchen cabinets

I have a lot of pet peeves when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Okay, maybe in general. But I have one in particular that drives me up a wall. I posted a picture on facebook this morning to see if anyone could find the problem and I think I almost started a riot by not divulging right away! If you are here from facebook and can’t read another word without knowing the answer….keep scrolling!

I think all too often, us DIY’ers and even professionals assume that because something happens or because something is…

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Old home, New Projects


We moved into our home (built in 1899) late last fall and have been busy working and getting nothing done it feels like! I thought I would update you on our list!

Project List

1. Design and build an 8′ tall pantry for kitchen- DONE AND INSTALLED! Hooray! Full kitchen reveal coming soon!

2. Design and build coffee bar for kitchen – in progress

3. Add ship lap to accent wall in kitchen and island – half way done

4. Change Island Lighting. -…

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Bold Kitchens for 2016

kitchen transformation

2016 is off to the races and we have clients going bold! Bold kitchens are making a comeback. Some of you may remember that I created a winning color for the 2015 General Finishes paint contest, called Galapagos Blue. Why Galapagos Blue? Because its teal and Galapagos is super fun to say. That’s why 🙂
Anyway, I thought I would share where some of our clients heads are at. Classic kitchens are always fun but so are pops of color and I love being brave! I love it even more when clients want their kitchens to be a…

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Build Plans For A DIY Bar Cart

building plans for a bar cart
I am so excited because tomorrow is our very first official Power Tools & Pretty Things class and we are giving away a Ryobi tool set in class. We have partnered with Simpson Strong-Tie to build this amazing indoor/outdoor Bar Cart. You can get the DIY Build Plans below.
*this post contains affiliate links for products I use and love*

Building Plans DIY Bar Cart Building Plans

You can download the free plans here! 
In class, each person will make all of their trim and shelving cuts. Everyone will…

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What to get your hubby for Christmas

What to get your husband for Christmas
Are you stumped on what to get your husband or significant other for Christmas? Fear no more! My hubby happens to want EVERYTHING. He is kind of known for his ridiculous Christmas lists but they are actually helpful…kind of. Normally, I can’t afford anything of them.  So I figured I would share this year’s list and maybe it could help you! Luckily, his interests are fairly well rounded too!
So without further ado…

Brandt’s 2015 Christmas List!

P.S. None of these are affiliate links….Just…

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You need this mattress! Rescued Backs!

As a lot of you know, we just moved, which means we have a bigger master bedroom and can fit a king sized bed for the first time ever! YAY! However, this means buying a new mattress and we had a good one already!
I have ankylosing spondylitis. Which means, I have a super bad back. Years ago, sleeping was a nightmare because it HURT. Being in bed, HURT. Getting out of bed, HURT.
We finally sucked it up and spent $3000 on a Tempurpedic and it was life changing. LIFE CHANGING.

Yoga Bed Mattress

Customizable Pantry Shelving

This post contains some affiliate links. Please read my disclosure here.

I love organization. So much so, that I spent thousands at the Container Store to organize things through out our shop and home. Our kitchen cabinets, however, were not a single standard dimension that any of their organization was built to. It was super frustrating.

After a ton of research I finally found these customizable birch pull out shelves  for our bottom cabinets from Rockler. Which, lets be real….they always have every single thing I can’t get anywhere else.

They came…

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How to get the Restoration Hardware Style Finish! Easily!

You have seen it a million times!  How to get restoration hardware style finish… and easily!  I just showed it on KSDK this morning but I made a video just for you. This has no steel wool, no crazy concoction. ALL EASY! The thing about the RH look is there is not a one step solution or else it would have no dimension. So let’s dimension it up! The easy way!
** This style is for unfinished pieces only ** I…

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Childless by Choice

A lot of you may not want to read this post. That’s okay. It’s not really Rescuing Related. Although some of you may want to try to rescue me from what you think is a terrible decision. 🙂 You can come back tomorrow, I will have something better. I feel like for some of you, talking more about my real life might be helpful. A lot of times in my DIY classes people talk about their life and kids. We get to know each other really well and I love that.

Step 1 in getting to…

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