Biggest, Scariest News ever!

We have big big news around here… career changes has been made! So if you have followed a while…you know that I had a mid life crisis . 

It has been 14 months so I thought it would be great to follow up on how it is going.

It hasn’t gotten less scary.   Sometimes my former 40 hour work week sounds really nice and so does the pay and the health insurance….but then I remember I hated life. During previously mentioned mid life crisis I benched my Masters in Engineering. After a few years of building Rescued Furnishings, I could not take the corporate world anymore. Rescued Furnishings was what I was meant to do and I love it. I love teaching classes, I love helping people visualize design changes to their rooms. Love Love Love.

It has been 14 months since I left the engineering world. Fourteen months ago, Brandt thought it would be at least a year before we could hire our first employee (we have 2 plus me). Two years ago, me quitting my engineering job wasn’t a possibility. Since then, Brandt (husband) was promoted to the head of his company’s civil engineering department. But, the more our business grew, the more I needed him. And guess what? He started to sound like me. He started asking questions about how I felt for all those years and how long it had been going on for.

Career Changes

After months of planning….OCTOBER 30th, 2015 was his LAST day in engineering. Crazy! SO SO SCARY! You could have never convinced us 5 years ago that we would have both had career changes let alone MAJOR, work for yourself, put it all on the line career changes. I am literally terrified and not sleeping. Psoriasis outbreaks…yep that is happening. Too much information? I mean they are on my forehead so kinda hard to miss. Anyway….

I have never been so scared in my life. Are we making the right call? Is this really going to work? I am terrified and we are reinvesting every penny we earn. Which means, virtually no take home pennies. And I am grateful for every bit of it. I believe in this, I believe in what we are doing, I believe in our plans. With. All. My. Heart. Thank you for making our next big scary step possible.

Our Business

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