About Us

Hi there! My name is Nicole and I own RF with Brandt! Many of you have read about our story and we love telling it. We are still getting used to it! Brandt and I meant at engineering school sometime between 2003-2006. The timeline is debated, but eventually we meant. We were married In 2008, bought a home (that we lost $40K on since that was the thing to do in 2008), and raised 3 dogs. Like most college grads, money was tight so we repurposed and restyled most of our furniture. We learned to DIY everything from our floors, to our fence, to an entire basement build and more.  I am convinced Brandt can do anything and I am really good at inventing projects for him.  Being engineers has made us crazy about quality and durability and doing things “right”.  But, Time went on….I got a Masters in Systems Engineering and was still a full time engineer at Boeing. Brandt had risen to be department head of Civil Engineering at a firm in St. Louis. So clearly, the next move was to quit our jobs and give Rescued Furnishings a go. What??

I refer to this as my mid life crisis.

Rescued Furnishings was officially founded in 2013. Back then, it really was a hobby business for us. Our friend Susie convinced us to do it! We could have never imagined this would be our life!  By August 2014 (nicole) and October 2015 (brandt), we had both left the engineering world behind.  We grew from our garage to a 500 sq foot warehouse space inside of someone else’s space in a few months. By September of 2014 we had grown into our own 2000 sq foot space and we are now growing into 6600 sq feet! So crazy!

Our business has grown from upcycled furniture to Kitchen cabinet painting. We have expanded into custom builds and other carpentry services and have an entire line of DIY Classes.

We are so excited to open our retail store this fall and hope you visit!

Thank you for joining us on this journey! We so appreciate having you here!