We now carry paint!

You may have noticed our website has been down for about a week. WELL….that is because we now carry paint and sell furniture directly from our website!

We are now carrying General Finishes products!!

To introduce this to you guys we are offering 25% off all General Finishes products now thru April 6. Just enter VMD25 at checkout. We are not currently offering shipping, when you order, we will put your order together and email you with our availability for you to pick up. Pick up will be on evenings and weekends. If you are going to VINTAGE MARKET DAYS, we will have 25% off there too OR you can pre order on line and pick up in person and we will bring your order with us. Just let us know that is what you plan to do. It is a great way to reserve your colors so we don’t sell out!

Their paint is a pre-mixed milk paint that is actually an acrylic paint. There is no guess work or uncertainty with this paint like real milk paint. It feels like milk paint, dries flat like milk paint, distresses easily but no chipping off in your hands! It does not require a sealer, although we put several layers of top coat on all our pieces. However, if you are doing a quick home project, you don’t have to use a sealer and it won’t continue to flake off in your hands like real milk paint but you WILL get that milk paint look. It also distresses super easy.

General Finishes also has some great top coats AND is home to the famous Java Gel stain. This isn’t like gel stains you can buy at the hardware store. They are like pudding! You can transform your kitchen with out stripping your cabinets. Simply amazing!

To purchase: http://rescuedfurnishings.com/collections/paint