Teal With Envy

I realize that I have a problem. My name is Nicole and I fall hopelessly in love with pieces that I do. Remember Sexy Lady? I had zero need for her and was willing to give all my furniture away just to keep her. This vanity, that I have yet to name will kill me when it goes to her new home. I set her up today for her photo shoot and have asked if we can use it as an entertainment stand. I love it.

Let me start by saying…this vanity is the single best constructed piece of furniture we have had to date.

Let me go down the list!

  • Made during the Great Depression
  • 8 claw foot legs (with 7 fully in tact- a miracle)
  • original mirror that is hand chiseled and besides a few scratches the overall condition of the mirror itself is great…it doesn’t have the speckles all over it
  • the mirror has a nice wood backing which you only see on the good old stuff
  • The inside of the drawers have trim. People…I have never ever seen this.

Did the vanity go off without a hitch??

Well, NO.

When I was taking it apart one of the drawers literally fell into 5 pieces in my hand which is normal with old furniture. The glue is just too old but I have never had a drawer fall apart at every joint at once, so that was funny. And of course one of the 7 in tact claw feet BROKE in my hand as well but she has been repaired and will out last her next few homes, I’m sure.

We very gingerly sanded this piece down. The top and drawer fronts were stained with Cabot clear stain. The vanity was primed and then painted with Classic Teal. All of the accents got a light brushing of Modern Masters Warm silver and the handles were done to match. I also wanted the teal to show through on the roping and I love how it turned out. The entire vanity was sealed with Modern Masters Clear coat which to date is the most durable sealer that we have used and we have used a lot and have pretty high standards…but let me put it this way: I have been hammering paint cans shut on top of the champagne dresser that is sealed with this stuff and you would never know.

Without further ado… I give you my future entertainment stand (just kidding, she will be for sale at Vintage Market Days April 4-6 but the buyer may have to console me).

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Most Beautiful Vanity EVER!

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