This is a Maaaaan’s Dresser

rustic black dresser with reclaimed barn wood

So…This baby is my husbands pride and joy and he says “This is a Maaaaan’s dresser.” After you finish rolling your eyes or giggling…take a look at the pictures. You will see he was right! It turned out beautiful. This would look great in several places in your home but it would be especially nice as a dresser for your man 🙂

Check out the before!


The top on this was completely destroyed. We recently started sharing a space with Reclaim Renew so my…

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Side Table, a Manly Side Table

I have a tendency to girl things up so when my husband saw this end table and requested it be manly, I had to comply. After googling how to make something manly (seriously, I googled this) I settled on a dark charcoal grey. Hubby approved so I got to work. However, I picked a silver satin paint for the hardware without telling him and decided to paint the inside of the drawer red for a pop of color. I got lucky that he liked how it turned out. Who says manly has to be boring? But really,…

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