Steps to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets! (Part 2)

To read about our other kitchen renovations, see Part 1 of this series! You can find us on facebook too!

Once it was time to get to the cabinets here is what we did! This is from back in the day, before Rescued Furnishings, when were DIY’ing it! You may remember from Part 1, this was nearly three years ago so we have learned a lot since then which we will discuss! Here are the steps we followed when painting our cabinets!

1) Remove cabinet doors and remove all hardware.

2) Label every door and every hinge so everything goes back to the exact spot.

3) If you are adding or changing hardware, fill holes and drill new ones BEFORE starting your project. (this was something i did after the fact – oops!)

4) Even if you use no prep paint, clean every door and every frame with degreaser. From all my research and from discussing with many kitchen and paint professionals I was told to steer clear from cabinet paint “kits”. I realize some of you have luck with these but there is about a 50% chance within a few years the cabinets would need restoration and I was not willing to take that risk. The expense of removing paint vs painting right the first go around is not something I was fond of. I’m a big believer of… if it sounds too simple and too good to be true when it comes to a renovation than it probably is.

5) We sanded with 120 grit sand paper and then again with 220 grit sand paper.

6) After you have cleaned and sanded we cleaned again with TSP and again with plain water to remove the film TSP leaves behind.

**So before you get to painting you have handled every cabinet multiple times**

7)  We painted everything with 2 coats of primer. All the frames and fronts and backs of all the doors. When you have to flip cabinet doors, be sure to wait the FULL dry time and then some before flipping and it is important when painting cabinets to make sure you wait the full dry time between coats.

8) Bet you can’t guess how many coats of paint it took….FIVE. FIVE ADDITIONAL COATS OF PAINT. ON EVERY SIDE. ON EVERY SURFACE. FIVE!

Lastly, we installed everything.
Now, we both worked full time during this project and I worked on the kitchen by myself as Brandt did other projects around the house. I worked on it from 6-9pm 3 nights a week and all day Saturday and Sunday for five weeks. Yes, you read that right, FIVE WEEKS. As you can tell from the kitchen, it is SMALL. I swore off ever touching another kitchen as long as I live but of course the products we use now and things we have learned over the years finally helped to open my portfolio a bit. We use totally different products and have a new system and an ample amount of space dedicated to just cabinet painting.
My next post will have tips and tricks from what we have learned and what we do different now but the actual steps haven’t necessarily changed. Just a few tweaks and additions 🙂
We are getting ready to do our island with a pop of color and I am excited to do it right!
 Until then, here is what we have now!
And yes, I was too lazy to clean my fridge off for pictures…
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