St. Louis’ DIY Classes & Headquarters

We expect that our new line of DIY classes will sell out at St. Louis Vintage Market Days in Highland, IL. So hurry and register for yours today! Classes start at just $30!

For info on each class:

To Register:

We are so excited to be offering EIGHT different classes this fall. There are a lot of different classes out there offered, so you may be thinking…why take ours?

You don’t have to take a class to be able to use our products, but our classes will eliminate trial and error. You also save you time in the long run! If you want to learn how to get Rescued Furnishings superior durability and finish you won’t want to miss these fun classes!

We offer discounts for three of more classes and we feature guest hosts!

We are always happy to answer emails and spend time with you on the phone or in the shop.  Like we have done so many times answering any and all questions we can. We don’t charge for advice and I have been known to spend over an hour one on one with a customer just helping them with their questions and confidence.

Here is why we are different!

  1. Our classes provide ample space in our new warehouse to bring a decent sized piece in and spread out to work on it.
  2. Our classes provide 25% discount on all paint products. A lot of classes want to get you in the door so you spend a lot of money on product… We give you all the supplies you need during class and in any painting or stain class you get a free product of your choice to take home during the class ($28 value). If you want more, we offer a great discount. We just want you to learn.
  3. For our painting classes, you can drop off your piece the day before and we will take care of minor repairs!
  4. Lengthy classes have food and drinks provided.

What are our DIY classes about?

Our classes are about so much more than advice. Each class is different but they all offer something unique. Most of the products we use are EASY to use. The sealer we prefer, due to our customer’s feedback, does take some practice so we feel it is important to show you the ins and outs of it. We also show you several different products that we use and carry in shop for you to purchase.  Some of these products we use in classes we don’t sell, but we will tell you where you can get them.

Not every piece of furniture is painted the same or prepped the same. We go over how to know to approach different types of pieces and we go over the differences in prep work, different styles of paints, different paint methods and tricks. We show you multiple ways to distress and glaze and spend time discussing the pros and cons of various sealers and show you how to use the most professional product there is!

If you are anything like me…when you try something new, you google it. What I have found over the last few years is that there is A LOT of bad advice out there. We have tried it all. We have used dozens of products and tried dozens of methods. Our classes are about showing you and telling you what works and what doesn’t and why. It is about showing you tricks of the trade that are tried and true. If you are painting an heirloom, you want it to look professional and we want to show you how to take it up a notch.

What is our goal?

Our goal is for you to be a PRO DIY. We have had people in our classes that have brought pieces that they bought from other furniture painting companies to re-do.  This is because the finish was so bad. We don’t want this to happen to you. We want to give you all the confidence and the know how in the world to do it better than some of the pros.

Our classes are set up with enough time to get really in depth and allow you space to work and plenty of time for questions and learning.

Plus, you get the product and supplies for free in class and our painting class comes with a QUART to take home! So what’s stopping you!?!