Spraying Furniture!

Okay you guys! Everyone always asks if we spray furniture.  Spraying furniture is something we do and when we do, we use the 3M HG18 Spray gun. It is made for cars and sprays nicer than any gun we have ever used!! We were turned onto it by General Finishes and YES you can spray General Finishes through this! All these opinions are my own and I would like to thank 3M for giving me a gun to giveaway to one of you!
I love love love everything about this gun. It can also be proven with a video on all the reasons I love it! You can learn a lot about this gun in this video!
This gun comes in a kit with several heads and 3M even threw in a few extra heads just for you!
All the different sizes that it comes in so you can manage how much paint you are using easily…yep, I love it!
I love that it can spray in all directions, even upside down!
I love that there is virtually no clean up!

This gun is so easy to use. You just keep the pressure at 20PSI and you are good to go. Your fan and flow adjustments will depend on the product you are using but I keep my fan at about a 1/2 turn to the left and my flow at 4-5 turns to the left.
Check it out to see the gun in action! I can not say enough good things about it! So easy to use and so easy to clean up and the finish you get is amazing!