Sexy Lady’s Debut

You have all had to deal with me teasing you for a few weeks. It started with her gold curves. “Sexy Lady” caught on and kind of stuck. You all haven’t even known what she is. Well my friends here is her story….

My neighbor’s mom sold us her old china cabinet. I wasn’t super sure what I was going to do with it and my husband didn’t really want to do a china cabinet. She quickly became MY project. I thought maybe we could turn her into a bar. I measured her shelves and found out she didn’t need modifications. She could hold glasses and liquor bottles as she stands. So whoever ends up with her will have to tell me if she is a bar or a china cabinet.

When she came home with us I knew she had to lose her top hat. She needed just that slight update. My husband removed her “hat” and then I had to wait for inspiration to strike so she sat in our basement for a few months….and sat….and sat.


Finally, I knew I wanted to go GLAM. A china cabinet isn’t for everyone nowadays so I decided I would make her for NOW! Out came the gold paint….and that is where it all started. Grey & Gold are in right now and it was going to be perfect on this Broyhill Premier Collection piece. She was sanded, cleaned, prepped, primed and taped off. I started with her legs….


The gold and grey were working beautifully together. Her handles and hinges got the glam treatment. Her metal mesh was painted. She was well on her way….




I wanted to do something unique so I found handmade Lokta paper that she couldn’t live without. I mod podged the paper and my husband added trim work around it which frames it perfectly.




She is brilliant! Yes, she was a TON of work but so worth it. I don’t think of her as a china cabinet anymore. She is a statement piece. Sexy Lady is a WOW piece. She is just brilliant! Did I say that already?

She has inspired me to start adding some glam to other pieces. Who ever ends up with “sexy lady” will forever have a piece of my heart. Let me know what you think of her!!

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