Quick Tips #5 Waxing Tips

I get asked ALL the time about using wax under certain conditions.  Although I am not a wax expert, I have still done extensive enough research and talked to enough wax experts to know the following rules apply.  I thought it would be helpful to share. For those of you that know me, you know that I do not use wax as a sealer, I do use it to buff sometimes though. Anyway, these are the most common questions I get, so I wanted to list my answers out for you and give you a few waxing tips!

 Application of Wax Q & A

1) “My wax does not look good over black paint, what am I doing wrong?” Most chalk paint manufacturers do not recommend waxing dark colors (my guess is because this is advanced and they want to prevent complaints)
2) “Can you put poly over wax?” You should not apply poly over wax. Like EVER. It will NOT Have good adhesion and the industry collectively agrees on this point. Also, if you do this, it will either come right off or not look good…at all! This is the most agreed upon point I have ever heard.
3) “Can you put wax over poly?” You CAN apply wax over poly.  Yay!
4) “Can you paint right over wax?” What you can do and probably should do are two different things on this one. You should not paint over wax…it needs to be buffed off and cleaned with mineral spirits really well. I have painted over wax and the results are either bad adhesion or a crackled finish. The crackling can look kind of cool, BUT I can’t speak to how durable the piece would be. And my guess is –  not very, unless you did the proper prep work.
5) “Can I wax my kitchen cabinets?” Wax should not be considered extremely water or grease resistant. If you are waxing anything that will be in your kitchen or bathroom you should absolutely seal with a good sealer first. It can hold up to average or responsible usage, but I have heard horror stories.
6) “My wax melted off my piece!!?!? What happened?”  You should not place a waxed piece in sunlight. It will melt off.

Happy waxing! I hope you found this  helpful!