Quick Tips #3 What Type of Furniture to Stain

Staining Furniture: What to Look For!

Ok. So you have decided you want to stain your next piece of furniture! Then, you decided you are going to use Gel Stain from General Finishes, which is our favorite and you can even buy it here!  No matter the stain you use, if you are a novice re-finisher it may be intimidating to take on your first big stain project! Staining furniture really isn’t THAT big of a project. You may spend HOURS searching for a piece that has a top in great condition so you can paint the body. No need! I promise!

When I know I want to stain a piece….I usually do just the top or just the drawers or some combination and flat surfaces are super easy to sand down with a power sander. If I want to stain the legs, I use General finishes Gel Stain and stain right over the existing finish. This will easily bring back to life any scuffs or marks without a lot of work…just a bit of sanding and cleaning but no need to go down to bare wood!
When I see a piece that the finish is wearing off of, I get super excited! That means it will be REALLY easy to take down to bare wood, even with a hand sander. Don’t let those pieces scare you! Those are gems and are usually priced well!