Quick Tips #2 – Selecting the right Paint!

Quick Tips #2 here… Paint tips! I have people ask me all the time what kind of paint to use for this or that. People say they will get bubbles, or orange peel texture. Part of this is technique but part of it is the paint you select.

General Finishes

General Finishes has a self leveling agent in it so with little experience you can get a very nice finish with almost any tool. With practice, you will establish your own methods and get more comfortable playing with it. You can learn how to get brush strokes with the paint if you do want them and how to get NONE if you don’t want with them. This paint is very versatile. We use it for almost everything.

Obviously, if you are painting a wall you…cheap latex paint will do fine but I wouldn’t use that on anything else.

If you are painting metal, plastic, furniture or cabinets you definitely want the RIGHT paint. General Finishes is good in any of these scenarios and in my opinion, the BEST paint for cabinets and furniture.

Give it a try…I promise you will love it!