Quick Tips #1 – 6 Panel Doors

I am going to start doing a ‘Painting Tips’ Series. It will be fun to see how many we get.
I was painting some 6 panel doors the other day for an awesome client and thought that you all might find my weird tricks helpful.
After your prep work… lay your door flat. You can also do this in place as well.
Now, for most doors the following will work but you will want to look at your grain and sections to make sure that it makes sense.
First up, do the insets first. I do this with an artist brush….I actually do the whole dip or crevice all the way up to the middle pannel. (ignore the dust INSIDE of my camera)
Next, do the entire vertical center strip. You will see I got carried away with picture taking and didn’t follow my own instructions BUT with the paint I use, it doesn’t really matter. Next, do the horizontal strips at the top, middle and bottom of the door. Lastly, do the two vertical sides. The reason we do it in this order is because of how the door is split up and that way you are always going back over the last thing you painted in the direction of the grain.
You can see on the left side, when I go back over it, it will be all smooth and pretty!

Helpful hints:

I use artist brushes from Michael’s for any detail work and for the flat parts of the door I use a 4″ high density foam roller and press firmly.
Happy Painting 🙂
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