What is Power Tools & Pretty Things?

We have officially launched Power Tools & Pretty Things. What does this mean for Rescued Furnishings? No, we aren’t changing, Don’t Worry! Basically, we are branding our DIY classes and adding power tools classes.  This will let people get a lot more hands on!

What is Power Tools & Pretty Things?

Slowly but surely, we will be transitioning to Power Tools & Pretty Things being the Rescued Furnishings blog and class side of the business. While Rescued Furnishings will remain the furniture/kitchen/design and brick and mortar side of things.

Also, we are working towards adding a ton of videos, web classes, and tutorials!

Stay Tuned!

If you want to join us IN PERSON for our fist Power Tools & Pretty Things Class, we will be building this bar cart in December. The class is limited to 6 people and there will be two instructors.  Also, ONE of you will WIN a Ryobi drill and saw set!

power tools & pretty things

Power Tools & Pretty Things

I am so ridiculously excited to see this part of our company grow!

To register for a class: http://rescuedfurnishings.com/collections/diy-classes