Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets!

Selling your home? Just bought a home?? Just need an update?
Rescued Furnishings now offers CUSTOM kitchen painting!
If you have REAL wood cabinets or have priced REAL wood cabinets you know that REAL wood starts for a very small kitchen at about $12,000. It very quickly can climb up with semi-decent quality to well over $20,000 and for a large kitchen with good quality you can EASILY be over $60,000. Often these prices can be for nothing fancy and really simple. With us, you will truly get a custom look for much less money.
I know personally, we expanded our kitchen and it cost $3,000 for 3 cabinets. These cabinets were maple and wrapped in foil – BIG MISTAKE. We even installed them ourselves for this price!
A good fix is to paint your cabinets. An average kitchen costs between $3,000-$5,000. Let me tell you why this is an amazing deal! Did you know factory cabinets are not sealed? Did you know “painters” most often do not seal cabinets? You need a faux finisher to properly prep, paint, and SEAL your cabinets.

Have your cabinets painted right!

The best part is we use the highest content resin sealer on the market. It is UV protected, WATER resistant (important for a kitchen) and scratch resistant. This sealer makes your cabinets stronger and longer lasting than any other finish you can buy! We aren’t just saying this…we extensively test every product we use and compare it to others side by side so that we are only using the best.
You want to paint your kitchens RIGHT so they last a long time.
If you want an estimate feel free to call us at 636-248-4563 or email
We are booked for the remainder of 2014 and into 2015 on cabinet jobs so if you are interested in a bid give us a call and watch for all the amazing before and afters that will be coming your way!