Old home, New Projects

We moved into our home (built in 1899) late last fall and have been busy working and getting nothing done it feels like! I thought I would update you on our list!

Project List

1. Design and build an 8′ tall pantry for kitchen- DONE AND INSTALLED! Hooray! Full kitchen reveal coming soon!


2. Design and build coffee bar for kitchen – in progress

3. Add ship lap to accent wall in kitchen and island – half way done

4. Change Island Lighting. – DONE! Reveal soon!

5. Change chandelier in dining room.- turns out i hate all lighting and cant find anything I like 🙁

6. Paint/update fireplace- Haven’t started

7. Paint rooms- DONE

8. Replace stair railing- Haven’t started

9. Replace stair treads- Haven’t started

10. Expose brick wall going up stairs- Haven’t started

11. Install chandelier above front door entry way- DONE

12. Paint front door- Haven’t started

13. Slip covers for island seating- Haven’t started

14. Build and design king size bed- Haven’t started

15. Design and install master closet- DONE and it is awesome!

16. Master bath revamp (this is multiple projects)- Haven’t started

17. Design and create a makeup vanity- Haven’t started

18. Slipcover for guest bedroom headboard- Haven’t started

19. Build and design day bed- Haven’t started

20. Sew Curtains- Haven’t started

21. Create office Space- Haven’t started

22. Create poker room/space- Haven’t started

23. Build hamper for hall way- Haven’t started

24. Install cabinet organization- DONE! Blog post and tutorial!

25. Nightstand and dresser situation needs to be resolved- Ive started thinking about it.

This list is my needs to happen list.

The next list is my will happen but after the above things list. LOL

1. Put barn wood planks on ceiling in main floor half bath. Every other plank will be silver leafed

2. Flooring through out main floor

3. Rooftop deck (a girl can dream, right?)

So that was the original list……Here are the new items…..

1. Paint cabinets, add crown molding and riser, add barn wood to island – all done! Reveal coming soon

2. Replace counters – will probably never ever happen

3. Build very large, ginormous unit for dining room

4. Build very large ginormous built ins

5. Desperately want to put a hidden door in the house because that is awesome.

Clearly….things are going off the rail here!