Mid Life Crisis- Part 2

Continued from Mid Life Crisis – Part 1

When I was talking to my Dad about my mid life crisis in early 2014, he said something that really sent me into a spiral (and he will learn this by reading it like all of you). We were in the car and I was telling him how I hate my job and that I will probably never be happy at any job and my very responsible father, who would never in a million years advise me to quit my job and didn’t know that was exactly what he was doing (he’s probably full of regret reading this now, haha) , said something along the lines of “you have always seen the bigger picture and can see opportunity and how to make things work” and while we were having this conversation IT clicked.

Yes, I was responsible and organized and smart but I have always been an entrepreneur. I was born with this skill of just seeing how to make things work. From coaching to swim lessons to everything I did. I liked organizing business. Loved the challenge of having to juggle so many things and people. I liked the challenge of wanting to be successful. Success to me was never “I have a good job and make good money.” Sure I can show up every day but I wanted more. I wanted to be responsible for my own success. Failure was always so scary and I wasn’t willing to try …so I went the responsible route in life.

Rescued Furnishings was giving me an outlet to run a business and do all the things I love from a business aspect and teaching DIY classes AND using my super crafty side (my mom is thinking….”you’re crafty??”).  I like being creative, I like the challenge every piece of furniture brings. I like the challenge of making a business successful. My FAVORITE part- helping clients determine what they want and taking their thoughts and ideas and bringing it to life.  I think you have to be a little creative to want to run a business. NONE of this was being fulfilled in my career.  PLUS- owning a furniture and WALL finishing company gives me every excuse to redecorate OUR home and my husband can’t complain. WOO HOO!

With a mountain of debt, I couldn’t quit on my career. I earned a decent living with full benefits…and that would be difficult for anyone to walk away from but even more so when you have a mortgage and student loans that add up to another mortgage payment every month.

 Meanwhile, I was following The Magic Brush on facebook and a few others and meeting people like Linda from Hello I Live Here who all encouraged me to just be happy. I knew what I needed to do but was too scared.

Jennifer from the Magic Brush gave me so much advice and encouragement but it tore me up inside. I knew I could do this but leaving my salary is about the most irresponsible thing I could think of doing and not in my nature but clearly conflicts with my take over the world personality. The two did not mesh well. I went to Jennifer’s facebook page on almost a daily basis for encouragement, trying to be brave and found things like this there….


Then there was Jim Carey’s speech. What a jerk! Doesn’t he know I’m having a mid life crisis over here??? I don’t need those kinds of speeches right now.

My husband knew I was soooooo miserable and always told me I could quit. He would always support me no matter what and he wants to see our business succeed too. Plus I might be able to do my laundry if I didn’t have 2 full time jobs and considering my closet is empty and every piece of clothing I own has been on our guest bedroom bed for 6 weeks…that is probably reason enough! I just felt like I couldn’t make that decision for us.

Biggest Decision Ever

So…being more unlike me than ever before, we have thrown caution to the wind after MONTHS of discussion I just had my last day of work in the corporate world. I will be running Rescued Furnishings FULL TIME! SCARY!  This is the most scary and terrifying thing I have ever done and am forcing myself to make sure I work hard to pay those student loans off. Even scarier, our friends were renting our first home (the one we lost tons of money on) and we are now trying to sell so we have an extra mortgage payment! (if you want to buy or rent a house let me know!)

BUT I know this is what I was meant to do. I love it. I love the business, I love the painting, and I LOVE they DIY Classes. Please pray for me on this new journey! We have so many things coming soon. Share our facebook page, spread the word, help me feel like I’m not gonna throw up!  This is so so so crazy! Your support means the world, now more than ever!
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