Mid Life Crisis Alert – Part 1

Pouring my heart and soul out like never before….please be gentle….

I am having a full blown mid life crisis. This is extra sad because that means I am only living till 60!!! Let me give you some background…

When I was a little girl (yes, I am going that far back) I was tucked in every night with the most ridiculous math problems. My dad would have me count and multiply. I remember being in kindergarten and him asking me to count backwards from 100 by 9’s. Clearly, this scarred me because I still remember it so vividly. How could he do that to me? It wasn’t fair! It wasn’t even divisible. To this day- I still do math puzzles for FUN! He recently asked me if I remember that and I told him that not only did I remember it but I was writing a blog post about it. He died laughing.

My mom on the other hand, took a lot of pride in making sure her first of 5 kids could read and spell better than anyone on the planet. I was reading chapter books before kindergarten and got walked home by the teacher for reading a note meant only for the parents (this note wasn’t in an envelope…I just happened to know how to read and read it out loud to the class). Needless to say, my mom was SO proud.

My Mom is also a fantastic artist and so is my Grandma on my dad’s side. It runs on both sides and it was clear from an early age, I DID NOT get that gene. I couldn’t draw a stick figure. Let me put it this way…I am very proud of my booth design I did on this sticky note:

I was the artistic black sheep of the family.  It was really REALLY bad. I remember taking art class in high school though for an easy A and MY painting was used as an EXAMPLE of how to pick colors and do shading. It was the ugliest painting ever. It was a flower and some leaves…but apparently it was wonderful. I went home laughing, the art teacher had lost her mind.

My Dad was an engineer…and due to his grooming of me with the previously mentioned math problems, I was OBVIOUSLY going to be an engineer. Being the proper adolescent I informed him I WOULD never be an engineer and I would NEVER go to his alma mater. I had every intention of being a high powered lawyer or CEO and I was well on my way. Therefore, I had settled on corporate law so I didn’t have to defend murderers. I had real life 5 and 10 year plans in my bedroom and weekly and daily to do lists.

When I was old enough, I coached my sister’s basket ball team, I coached swimming, I was a lifeguard and a swim instructor. I even had my own private lessons business at 16 years old. Never, did I realize this was entrepreneurship…It was just something I did. It was who I was.

Fast forward, and I moved 2000 miles away from home to go to my Dad’s alma mater to become an engineer. Yeah…that happened.

To keep an already long story short, I graduated, got married and got a mortgage and ended up at a huge company where they paid for me to get my Masters in Systems Engineering. I wasn’t happy. Somewhere in there, my husband and I started Rescued Furnishings as a fun thing to do together on the side. While this was quickly becoming my passion, I ended up switching jobs to a new large company. I wasn’t happy there either. One time I spent an entire week at work crying at some point every day.  My Grandpa put it this way “You have worked at two companies that people in St. Louis would give their right arm and neither are good enough for you?!” (He then buried his heads in hands).

Crisis at Hand

I was having a bonified mid life crisis at 29 years old and I still am! I mean, I messed up. Everything I did in life was what you were “supposed” to do. My husband and I did things the “right” way. I went away to college, I graduated, I got married, I bought a house I could afford and not above our means like so many realtors tried to pressure us to do. We set up a budget and started paying down our $110,000 we had between us in student loans (Still paying a large majority of this off). We were responsible and did things exactly how you should. Life was great…but resentment grew towards always being responsible and doing things right and not putting a dent in our mountain of debt that I can honestly say I regret…and yes, I’m speaking about college. I never would have dreamed I would hate the corporate world.  I realized I have NO desire to be a CEO of a public company.

Life Crisis and Resolve To Be Continued….Ends with a major announcement!