I Am Brave And Beautiful?

If you are active in the blogosphere you know that September 29th was the launch of the #iambraveandbeautiful movement.
It was inspired by Colbie Caillat’s, Try. This is a song and video I happened to love. It was powerful. Over 100 bloggers came together to show themselves with and without makeup this week in honor of that song.  I fully support the movement but I can’t help but have a bitter taste in my mouth about it.  Don’t get me wrong…the blog pieces that each woman wrote were raw and brave. I would never take that away. But blog after blog I was reading about how some people have never posted or even taken a picture without make up on before. Some women have NEVER left the house without make up on. I was unaware that women were trapped in their homes due to society’s ridiculous expectations. It broke my heart. #iambraveandbeautiful should not be a one time post on the internet. I hope it becomes the norm.
Now, I am not a brave person. I would largely call myself lazy and if you find me with eyeliner on its probably a special occasion. Even when I went to a “real” job every day I rarely wore make up. Not because I don’t like it. I actually think I look better with it and wear it when we go out on weekends.  But, I can manage a trip to the grocery store without it. I am not knocking those who can’t. What I am saying is this….Society has come to a point where women showing themselves without make up is brave. That is sad. It is actually despicable. If our generation does anything…I hope it changes this.
Bravery should be reserved for much larger challenges. The truth is though, for some people, that don’t have my lack of concern for society at large (this is a flaw of mine-not a particular admirable quality), IT IS brave. People can’t keep their mouth shut. People judge and ridicule. It happened to me just last weekend, although because of my aforementioned lack of concern I didn’t recognize it at the time.
I walked into a store this last Saturday in my paint clothes with no make up and the owner asked me if I was slumming it? EXCUSE ME?  No sir, I paint for a living. Get over it. Maybe, my lack of caring what anyone thinks makes me brave but I think it makes Mr. Are you slumming it, an idiot. I remember my Mom being mortified when I went into a grocery store in my pajamas on Christmas Eve for soda. I just don’t care. Never have, never will. I don’t think you should either. I’ll admit every now and then I kind of look like a hobo and I think my husband would be okay if I looked a little less hobo a little more often and maybe I should do that for HIM but for the check out person at the grocery store – not gonna happen.
The standard for society should not be women all dressed to the nines. It should be NORMAL and not brave to see a woman how we see men every day. Just, NORMAL.
It hurts me that it takes movements like #iambraveandbeautiful for people to even, realize this is a problem. It is a society wide problem. I wasn’t even aware of it. I knew women had ridiculous expectations but I have never thought about how it impacts how people live their lives day in and day out and now I am just mad. Now, I am the antithesis of a feminist but I will say this ….put your paint clothes on the next time you get your OJ. It is liberating.

Now from me to you…what I look like almost every day 🙂

And not every day 🙂