House Hunting Wish List

For some strange reason, we decided we just weren’t busy enough and started house hunting.
Wish lists are a funny thing aren’t they?
When we were looking for our first home, one of my biggest MUST HAVES was a pantry. We bought the house, signed the papers for it to be built, went back to our apartment and neither one of us knew if the house had a pantry or not. For us, we just fall in love.
We started looking about a week ago, and in just a week our list has already changed.

Here is what we started with:

Home Age: 75 years old +
8000 sq ft + lot
2000 sq feet
3 bedrooms, 2 baths
Entertaining area
Open Kitchen
Private Street
Front Porch
Then we fell in love….
With a home that was 140 years old, 7000 sq foot lot, 3000 sq feet, 5 bedrooms, major renovations needed, no possible open kitchen, on one of the busiest streets in St. Louis and no front porch. UM what?
We actually made an offer on the house but ended up walking away…it has been a busy week.

Our list has been adjusted….

We want to be in an area that is walking distance to cafe’s. However, we are willing to sacrifice lot size for the right house in a specific area. ¬†Also, we want at least 2500 sq feet, a wood burning fireplace, parking/garage space and something we can put our own stamp on. So basically, a lot different then where we started. LOL
I asked on our facebook page what your number one must have is and a lot of you said the kitchen, lot size, location. Pretty standard stuff. I really enjoyed some of the things that people look for though, such as having a barn and 10+ acres and things that I wouldn’t normally look for. It is kind of fun to get ideas from other people and see what the rest of the world wants. So what is on your wish list?!?!
Let’s see where we end up in another week with our list!