Have you Thought of Starting Stitch Fix?

For months….literally months I have stood by watching friends and family register for Stitch Fix, pick out all of their favorite styles, and post their videos of them opening their first box. Finally, I decided to give it a try. For you busy moms, small business owners, or people that just love clothes this is for you….so basically everyone. For me you guys, this service is amazing so I wanted to scream about it from the mountain tops!
So, what is stitch fix? You have a personal stylist that picks 5 items out and mails them to you on whatever type of schedule your heart desires. If you don’t like anything, you send it all back. If you like certain things you keep and pay for those items and if you like it all you get a 25% discount on the whole order. You can even set your price points. So I am going to tell you what I did, what I got, How much it cost, and what I thought.
I really didn’t think this would work. But I hate shopping and I don’t have time to shop so if someone can do it for me and send me a few items a month that are paint free I figured it was a deal.
Let’s begin.
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I went to stitchfix.com and started reading about it…for probably the third time. I made a profile and didn’t touch it for a month. I finally circled back and gave it a go. It asks a lot of questions about sizes and what you like and don’t like. It is my belief based on reading 5,432 reviews that you need to be very honest with the stylists. It isn’t about what you would like to fit your body but what does.
Some of the things I mentioned to them besides size: I like clothes to fit well vs being so tight I will have a muffin top. Yes, I said that. I told them that I am self conscious of my upper arms and that I am fairly conservative. They show you a bunch of pictures of styles you say you like or don’t like. Even though I LOVED some of them I said “Don’t really like it” because they weren’t things I was likely to actually wear in reality. Does that make sense? I think that was key. I was extremely specific. I said I liked loose fitting shirts with some kind of pleating or visual interest in the back or arms, etc.
So I put everything in, and waited. My plan was to record my opening for you. But, I was too nervous nothing would fit. So I opened the stitch fix box! Pretty box, huh?
It comes with this card on different ways to wear the pieces:
So this is my thought process while opening the box:
This black dress…EWWW. HATE The bottom half is see through, that pleat across the waste generally makes me look huge and no arms being covered. GRRRRR
Purple shirt. love
Blue shirt. Cute (wait till you see the back)
Jeans – soft. ive heard amazing things about their jeans. probably wont fit.
Necklace – cute.
So I ran upstairs to try on. Guess what. I love the dress. Love it.
Next up, the jeans. These things were heaven. So much so, I googled them to get more but they were cheaper through stitch fix.
I combined the jeans with the purple shirt which I loved to pieces. This outfit is ME.The sleeves are ruched so its super high quality and won’t unfold when you wear it!
Ok the blue top I love. The back is different than the front which is basically what I asked for. I was hoping for more upper arm coverage but was okay with it.
No picture of the necklace but its adorable. Trust me.


Okay….so you log in to rate your stitch fix and pay for it. I put my receipt below. When you keep something your $20 styling fee that you pay up front is credited toward your purchase. PLUS, when you keep everything you get 25% off.
Item Price
Francisco Mixed Material Top $54.00
Zandra Maxi Dress $48.00
Santiago Spike Necklace $28.00
Sylvester Split Neck Blouse $54.00
Freida Skinny Jean $98.00
25% Discount:  – $70.50
Styling Fee:  – $20.00
Your Total: $191.50
These aren’t CHEAP clothes but they aren’t terribly expensive especially for the quality. These jeans people. Trust me. The jeans alone are worth it. So I averaged $38.50 per piece. To me, for a maxi dress that is long enough, 2 shirts I love, and an amazing pair of jeans and I didnt have to set foot in a store and waste 4 hours shopping, that is a deal of a life time. It is cheaper than shopping at banana republic when they are having a sale which is where I normally shopped for good quality clothes. The great thing about this is I set my stitch fix to come once a month and now that I don’t work any more I am excited to get just a few pieces per month that I love with no frustration!

Perfecting your Stitch Fix

You can rate each item and choose to purchase it or not. I purchased all of them. My favorite thing is that I love that tops were loose and fit well. The jeans were perfect. My comment to them on those is that they kinda slide down a bit and I didn’t want to go down a size YET because I would be afraid it would create the dreaded muffin top but I am losing weight so I would let them know when I am ready to try it. I also told them to send me 5 more pair of jeans. lol. I googled the jean actually and couldn’t find the pair I got for less than $98 so after my discount for keeping everything they are a great deal!
Anyway, if you have been thinking about giving it a try I think you should! For me, it is totally worth it. I will video my second opening for you guys too now that I am more brave!

My only advice…

Be really open and blunt about what you would actually want to wear, how you want it to fit, etc.
Let me know if you do it and how it goes!
Oh and if you don’t like your first one, send it all back and give them detailed feed back so they can get it right the next time! Good luck! Happy Stitch Fixing!