Glam up Your Ceiling Medallions

So, if you have ever replaced a light fixture or swapped out a fan you know that you can damage your ceiling. If you live in an old home, you may have a plaster ceiling. This means a ceiling medallion will be your best friend. Or if you are like me, you just love pretty things. The hardware stores have started carrying plastic, foam, resin and all types of paintable medallions. So you can just throw them up on your ceiling after going to town with spray can. And that is perfectly acceptable…BUT I wanted to give you a few more ideas.
In the picture above, in the white and gold medallion….We simply took wundasize and dabbed all the areas we wanted gold leaf. Next, we waited about 20 minutes for it to get tacky and then we gently crumpled up sheets of gold leaf and brushed on with a chip brush. Voila! All done!
The silver medallion I started by spraying silver! Then I took black glazed and used it to age it to match the chandelier. It seriously looks like its all one piece!
This is the perfect place in your home to glam up and I hope you gathered a few ideas here today! A glammed up ceiling medallion can easily EASILY cost HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of dollars….the ones above were less than $100 after all supplies were accounted for!